Epoxy Floor St Louis, MO: Seamless & Durable

When it comes to durable flooring solutions, decorative epoxy coating is the best choice for residential and commercial and industrial needs. Epoxy flooring in St Louis services offers a practical and durable surface perfect for enduring heavy foot traffic, tire treads, chemical spills, and all the abuse that basement and garage floors have to go through. 

These epoxy flooring applications are also ideal for warehouses, factories, showrooms, and other commercial spaces that require sturdy floors without compromising aesthetic appeal.

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Why Choose Epoxy Flooring St. Louis?

An epoxy floor coating is a two-part material that is mixed and applied on existing concrete floors then left to set and cure. When it has finally dried and hardened, it provides excellent benefits that make it such big fans among home and business owners.

Epoxy is long lasting and can last to 10 years, it is also stain resistant, slip resistant, waterproof, chemical resistant, impact resistant, heat resistant, cold resistant and customizable. 

Here are more of the reasons why it is highly recommended and preferred:

1. Damage-resistant

Coating epoxy floor makes garage floors resistant to chemical spills, stains, and impact. This is one of the best concrete sealers around. 

It is a non-porous material, so any pigment will not seep through, causing an ugly stain or any serious damage.

2. Covers Concrete Blemishes

Have existing stains and hairline cracks on the floor? Then the epoxy floor is the answer. It fills in small gaps and cracks. Also, incorporating colors or designs will help disguise any ugly stains on the old concrete or garage floor.

3. Improves The Appearance

Ever noticed how a garage floor always looked the worst in the entire house? That was then. Nowadays, even garage floors can be beautiful, luxurious and treated as an extension of a home’s living space with garage floor epoxy coatings. 

For garage restoration projects, a lot of style and materials and is now offered, but epoxy is the leading option. It can be decorated with colored microchips, which, when broadcasted, creates a terrazzo-like appearance. It can even be made into marble-like or metallic epoxy floors finish if desired.

Commercial and industrial spaces also opts for epoxy flooring because of its qualities and modern look. 

4. Easy To Clean And Maintain

The epoxy quality that homeowners liked most is its low maintenance. Epoxy floors do not absorb liquids or even dirt, even without supplementary concrete surface sealers.

Dust just sits on top of it, thus, making it easy to sweep and mop. You can have peace of mind and feel comfortable knowing that your floors are free from bacteria.

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How Much Does It Cost To Do Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring costs between $4 – $9 per square foot. Most of the expenses come from labor and manpower. In the long run, epoxy flooring proves to be an affordable choice as it can last for over a decade.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Epoxy Flooring?

While epoxy is considered to be the “King of Floors,” here are a few cons with this type of flooring:

  1. Epoxy flooring installation can cause strong toxic fumes emitted when freshly applied; ammonia-like smell.
  2. Epoxy takes a long time to harden completely.
  3. Needs a strong base or concrete slab in order to apply the coat.
  4. May incur cracks and chips on high-impact areas.
  5. Can become slippery when wet.
  6. Installing epoxy can be a tedious process, i.e. humidity levels must be low enough when applying.
  7. Maintenance can be costly.
  8. Prone to discoloration due to ultraviolet rays.

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