Admirably Cool Decking in St. Louis – Low Temp Pool Deck Coatings

Ever walked on a hot concrete pool deck? Bet it made you wish for a cool decking. Fortunately, it is now possible and at a price anyone can afford. 

A pool deck is an important part of the pool area. It is but natural for pool owners in St. Louis, MO to want to have a pool deck surface that is most convenient and comfortable for their enjoyment. It is common for pool users to walk barefoot on a pool deck. 

Imagine how inconvenient it would be to have to use footwear just to protect the soles from getting burnt on the hot surface. There is a solution that can lower the temperature of the surface without having to tear out the entire pool deck. 

Added perks? It is affordable, appealing, and durable. A cool deck overlay is a highly recommended solution because it restores the existing pool deck while improving its look and function. 

Cool decking  is preferred by most residential and commercial pool owners because it requires only a minimal amount of time to install.

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Why Choose Cool Deck Coatings?

Many people have found out about cool decking and have come to love how it works. Despite the number of available options out there, the demand for resurfacing with a pool deck coating is quickly increasing. Here are noteworthy reasons why:

Cooler Surface

The acrylic concrete coating used has the ability to reflect heat, keeping the surface 30% cooler than other types of coatings. The texture, creating air pockets underfoot, also contributes to this cooling effect.

Slip Resistant

The material is sprayed on top of a pool deck and then troweled down manually, thus, creating a safe and slip-resistant surface.

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The spray-on coating is an appealing cover-up for concrete repair patches and scars. It also covers stains and discoloration.

Cost Effective

Only a thin layer of the cool deck coating is needed, making it an affordable option. It can be used with other pool decking systems, such as stamped concrete overlays.

Cool Decking Companies & Products

Due to the demand for cooler pool deck surfaces, many different companies have emerged, manufacturing products that can provide such coatings. Stardek and Surecrete, for example, are offering cool deck coatings. 

.One of the most popular brands, KoolDeck, also created their version of a cool decking. But instead of being sprayed, theirs are stamped on the surface. CTI and EliteCrete, which are popular companies that offer dealerships, also offer cool deck overlays and coatings. 

One popular coating is Sundek Classic Texture, which is a product of Sundek. It is an acrylic concrete coating that is loaded and sprayed with a hopper gun and then troweled to knock the material down.

Are you interested in refinishing your pool deck or resurfacing it for the first time? Call (636) 435-2598 now!

If you have a pool deck that needs a cooler surface, or if you already have an existing overlay that does not stay cool under the sun, we can help make it better. 

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing is a licensed contractor with over 34 years of experience in cool deck repair, concrete resurfacing, and resealing. We resurface concrete pool decks and refinish those with cracking or peeling coatings. 

Aside from pool decks, we also work on patios, driveways, front entryways, walkways, and more. Want to talk more about having a cool decking? Call us or send us an email. We’d love to schedule you for a FREE consultation at your most convenient time.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES it is! Cool deck can be applied to both new and existing concrete.

No, cool deck is not slippery. In fact, one of the reasons why pool owners prefer it with their decks is its anti-slip property even when wet.

The cool thing about cool deck is that it is textured acrylic coating. The thing about this coating is its ability to absorb less heat than other materials. Also, it also makes the surface feel cooler to the touch, so you can walk barefoot without enduring the heat from the sun.

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