Sundek SunStone- Limestone Coating

The Sundek SunStone Cement Coating is the newest in our product line-up. It can be placed on driveways, pool decks, entry ways, walkways, patios, or any other interior or exterior concrete areas. The cement coating is used for residential as well as commercial settings. Its authenic look is what makes SunStone the perfect addition.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing specializes in making concrete beautiful. Sunstone can be a key component in the beautification process. Unlike our other coatings that use cement as their base material, Sunstone is an architectural lime stone coating that can be applied over concrete to give the look and feel of real, quarried stone. Once the concrete has been properly prepared for the Sunstone application, we will take a mixture of the SunStone and apply it with a squeegee or a hand trowel over the top of the concrete and/or use a gauge rake. We then add the texture component to the smooth, SunStone application. Once you’ve troweled in the texture, a sponge is now used to knock down all of the excess, texture materials. While the sunstone is still drying, it is now time to take a carving tool and create the pattern that you want such as a flagstone design. You are only limited by your imagination as you can create tile, slate, or any other hand carved design of your choice.

Once the sunstone has dried, we take a sponge or a sprayer and spray on the stain which you have selected. You can spray it on the entire area or you can take the sponge and highlight different stones to create different effects. Grouting the surface is optional. If the grouting option is chosen, the material is poured into a sleeve and then squeeze into the grout lines of the existing sunstone pattern. Once the grout has been applied you can wet a sponge and wipe off the excess grouting material from the SunStone application. After the grouting material has dried it is now time to put on the final application which is the clear coat to protect the sunstone installation. This can be sprayed on and/or rolled on to the surface to ensure that you have one hundred percent coverage. With this installation from Decorative Concrete Resurfacing, you will be able to turn plain gray concrete into the look and feel of real quarried limestone with the SunStone concrete overlay St Louis.

Give us a call or feel free to fill out our “request a quote form”, our designers are ready to help you create your “one of a kind” concrete masterpiece.

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