SunSplash – Colored Concrete Coating

The use of SunSplash to resurface your concrete is one of our more economical surfaces. This sprayed textured coating is a decorative addition that can be applied to vertical or horizontal walking surfaces. SunSplash is an eco-friendly concrete coating solution that protects your slabs from environmental pollutants, salts, and weather. It’s perfect for patios, curbing, balconies, retaining walls, pool decks, and driveways. The SunSplash coating is one of our possible solutions to resurfacing residential and commercial concrete areas.

Spray Sundek Classic Texture Like No Other

Today there are hundreds of resurfacing solutions companies across the states which resurface concrete pool decks, patios, driveways, and walkways, but unlike Sundek, there aren’t many who can say they helped start and shape an industry. One of the ways Sundek has remained at the top of the industry is by listening to the customer’s needs. That is, when they needed an inexpensive solution to their concrete, Sundek was able to come up with it. This is the customer service that Decorative Concrete Resurfacing strives to mimic.

SunSplash Spray Texture Installation

Installation begins when the 4000 PSI pressure washer removes all the dirt as well as any loose material from previous painting or coatings. After allowing that clean surface to dry, all adjoining areas will be masked and a coat of epoxy primer will be rolled or sprayed onto the concrete surface. When the epoxy is dry to the touch, the concrete will be retextured with a mix of Portland cement, silica sand, and modified polymers.

The texture should cover approximately sixty to seventy percent of the walkable surface. All steps should be allowed to dry before applying the next coat. The next coat is the finish coat. This should be rolled or sprayed on making sure to get one hundred percent coverage.

A second application of the top coat should provide adequate coverage and thickness. Once the coat is dry the concrete surface can then be reopened to foot traffic. The curb appeal with concrete designs will enhance the value of any home. No matter what the style of your home, Decorative Concrete Resurfacing has a new surfacing option for you and your budget.

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