Kevin & Lisa of Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in St Louis MOWhoever said, “beauty was skin deep” was right, if they were talking about Sundek concrete resurfacing for pool decks and other concrete surfaces.  They have been “concrete cosmetologists”, transforming plain or crumbling concrete to beautiful, durable surfaces for over 34 years.  Lisa O’Hern, along with her team of design consultants love to design your masterpiece and Kevin O’Hern and their five installation crews are the “perfectionists” that gets it meticulously installed.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing started in business in 1983. They were pioneers in the decorative coating industry.  Most of their customers, at that time, weren’t even aware that resurfacing would be an option. It was just the two of them, grabbing a trowel and bucket of Sundek materials, setting out with the mission to change the look of plain gray concrete.  They pride themselves in quality installation, customer service, and follow-up.

Kevin’s background was as an accomplished concrete foreman and finisher before he started resurfacing. He wasn’t a “believer” that concrete could be successfully resurfaced, until he visited Sundek Products home office and went through their rigorous training program. He witnessed first- hand St Louis resurfacing jobs that had been installed for over 10 years that were holding up beautifully.

Lisa came from a family of “entrepreneurs”. When Scott Walker, her brother-in-law, had a need for resurfacing a spa area in his health club and Kevin wanted a change, it was only natural that the entrepreneurial juices landed her in the management of the office and sales. She has enjoyed using her business savy to help the business grow and her flare for design to take something ugly and make it pretty.

To be inspired by what Sundek can do for your home, give them a call or fill out the form to the right. Decorative Concrete Resurfacing St Louis takes your ordinary concrete and makes it extraordinary!


Lindsey O’Hern
Service Manager/Design consultant

Hi! I have been the Service Manager at Decorative Concrete Resurfacing for about 8 years now, but it didn’t start there. I am a second generation “Sundekker”. As you can probably see by the resemblance between Lisa and I. I sometimes show up on a job that my mom sold and the customer squints and says…”Lisa, is that you? You haven’t changed at all.”

When I was a little girl, I remember going on family vacations, to many different locations. It never failed that Kevin and Lisa (mom & dad) were always staring at the concrete and discussing patterns and repair techniques for what they saw. At that time, my mind was on, what beach we were going to? or where was the amusement park? Now I am all grown up (sort of ) and following right in my parents footsteps. My daughter Madison asks me why I’m looking at the concrete? Some things never change…

Before taking on the service manager’s position I wore many “hats”, from putting stamps on envelopes, to filing papers, to office assistant to office manager. Now, in addition to serving all of our previous customers, I also help design for new clients.

I love meeting new people at their homes, inspecting their concrete concerns and helping them envision the end result that will solve their issues and give them something beautiful! Lisa always tells me to think of every job as if it is your own home and present the best solutions at a fair price!

I want “customers for life”. My goal is to have our clients be very satisfied and look to us for their next STL resurfacing project and to be there for them if they have any questions or concerns.


Joan Spurlock
Design Consultant

Hi! I’m Joan Spurlock and I’m one of the design consultants here. I’ve been in the sales and marketing field for over 20 years and I’ve also been here at Decorative Concrete. My favorite part of my job is coming into your home and help you create a space that is both functional and attractive. I love meeting you people and my goal is to always help you turn your vision into reality. And I’d like to make sure that I treat your project just as my own. So I look forward to meeting you soon and helping you take your dull and ordinary concrete and turn it into something extraordinary.


Tami Davis
Office Manager

Hi I’m Tami Davis and I’m the Office Manager here at Decorative Concrete Resurfacing. I’m in my 2nd year with DCR and I love working here with such a great team. I have over 25 years of experience in Accounting Marketing Management and Customer Service. I am very impressed with the level of customer service that we give to all of our customers. Our team always wants to deliver the best project and the best experience possible. Please give us a call, we look forward to working with you.


Melanie Hanley
Project Manager

Hello, I’m Melanie Hanley, project manager here at Decorative Concrete Resurfacing. I’m entering my 3rd year here at DCR and I love that there’s always something new to learn. In the mornings, I meet with the crews to determine the progress that they making with the jobs before I send out the daily updates to you via text, email or phone call, whichever you prefer. Once the crews are loaded up have the work orders that they need and are headed to you then I will send out the update for you and also work on scheduling. I schedule the forecasts of our jobs for the upcoming weeks and also follow up visit with you once our job is complete. I certainly look forward to working with you this year and I’m so happy that you choose us to do the work for you. Thank you so much!

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