Sunglaze – Colored Concrete Sealer

Transform Ordinary Concrete to Extraordinary Through SunGlaze

Decorative Concrete Resurfacings‘ translucent concrete color as some have called it, is a lower cost option for updating your concrete surface. SunGlaze is a concrete sealer with a finishing technique that transforms ordinary concrete into extraordinary concrete. By mixing powder color with the clear coat, you can produce a translucent stain effect that provides long-lasting and simple maintenance protection.

Perfect for pavers, existing concrete, and existing stamped concrete, the SunGlaze concrete sealer also works in conjunction with the Sundek SunSand, SunSplash, Classic Texture, Tuscan, and SunStamp effects.

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Concrete patios are making a bold move in quality homes by offering an extension of backyards now turned into luxurious gathering spots. Backyards everywhere now contain concrete patios by emphasize social engagements such as relaxation, cooking, and entertainment. Given the same attention as interior design, decorative concrete pool decks compliment the exterior of a home, while raising the value, and connecting the interior of the home with the exterior of the yard for a lower cost than natural materials.

No matter the location, SunGlaze will create a beautiful new look that you could never have imagined. Once the concrete has been cleaned and prepared, the SunGlaze finish is created by using the Sundek acrylic clear and combining it with a measured amount of either brown or black colored pigment. The colored pigment is then added to the clear and mixed thoroughly, creating SunGlaze.

SunGlaze Installation

Using a pump-up sprayer, the SunGlaze can be applied directly over broom finished concrete, stamped concrete, Tuscan texture, or SunStamp to create a translucent, old-world custom finish without a custom price turning your vision into reality. The total installation time is 2 days.

No matter which option is selected to enhance your concrete driveways, patios, pool decks, or other concrete surfaces, maintenance is the priority for your choice’s durability. Cleaning the location is recommended on occasion.

The achievable looks and decorative options with stamped concrete overlays can be determined on your own or with the guidance of experts who can lead you toward the best system to meet your requirements, blend with the durability of your concrete, and provide the appearance that you are seeking, along with the best maintenance and cost akin to your needs.

Give us a call or feel free to fill out our “request a quote form”, our designers are ready to help you create your “one of a kind” concrete masterpiece.

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