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There is no doubt that concrete is one of the most reliable materials when it comes to durability. There are, however, certain elements that could cause damage with frequent exposure. In the past, you either live with the damage or invest an exorbitant amount of money to remove the slab and replace it with a new pour. While this still happens, more and more property owners are leaning on the more practical side and that is to have the concrete repaired.

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Concrete Repair vs Concrete Replacement

While concrete repair is a highly recommended option, there are times when it is not the right one. So, how would you know if a slab can be repaired or not? Here’s a brief guide:

  • How deep and extensive is the damage? If there are several cracks and they are way too deep and the gaps too large, it might be more practical to have the entire slab replaced. These could be a sign of a deeper issue.
  • What is the cause of the damage? This can be difficult to determine on your own so might as well hire a pro who can assess your concrete slab. One of the worst types of damage is freeze-thaw damage. Water penetrates the concrete and freezes and thaws repeatedly. This cycle causes water to expand and compress frequently, pushing the concrete until it weakens and breaks apart.
  • Structural damage involves the steel reinforcement underneath a slab. You know the steel has rusted when you notice a rust-like liquid oozing out of cracks. The entire structure needs to be redone so a replacement is most likely the best option.

Concrete Repair Options for Repairable Damage

  • Resurfacing – For evident surface damage, replacing the top layer with an overlay or coating is a highly recommended concrete application. Resurfacing gives an old slab a new look and a more functional surface at a more affordable cost.
  • Refinishing – This is the process of changing the appearance and finish of an existing slab. This is an ideal solution for dealing with stubborn stains and discoloration. Popular options include staining, polishing, and sealing.
  • Resealing – All concrete flatwork must be sealed to manage its high porosity. A layer of sealer lasts only for a couple of years and shorter for high traffic areas. It is highly recommended to reseal concrete surfaces every couple of years to maintain the protection and shine that it provides.

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