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Businesses in St. Louis, MO need to be maintained properly in order to give customers the best possible first impression. Aging, damaged concrete is not a good way to do that. If your concrete is showing the signs of age and long use, you need to have it resurfaced by a professional.

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Commercial Concrete Resurfacing Needs

Whether your St. Louis business is an automotive shop or a high-end furniture retailer, making the best impression on existing and potential clients and customers is imperative. Worn out concrete certainly doesn’t do that.

Concrete resurfacing services can help ensure that you have an elegant, long-lasting concrete solution that meets your needs in terms of style, utility, and durability.

Consider Concrete Coatings and Overlays for Commercial Concrete St Louis

Concrete resurfacing offers far more than simply a “patch and repair” service. You’ll find that concrete coating options: Polyurea Polyaspartic and Epoxy Floor Coatings can transform plain, ordinary concrete into almost anything you might want. For instance, you can turn that boring waiting room into an elegant space with the look of natural stone.

You can transform utilitarian hallways, pool decks, a new driveway, or parking lot and connect them with the theme of your entire St. Louis business.

This is achieved through the use of concrete overlay like stamped concrete overlay, a product that is applied to the top of your existing concrete once any needed repairs are made. Once the stamped concrete overlay is in place, it is stamped or textured with your desired design – there are myriad different design options available, including brick, stone, wood, and more.

Once the overlay has been patterned, it can be colored using specialized tinting processes. This offers further customization. However, because the tint is actually part of the concrete, you do not have to worry about it chipping, peeling, or wearing in spots.

It will last as long as your concrete parking lot, lobby, restaurant, or hallway are offering an immense return on your initial investment.

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Choosing the Best St. Louis Residential and Commercial Concrete Contractors

Obviously, ensuring that your St. Louis business benefits from the highest quality concrete is vital. Choosing the best resurfacing, repair, and stamped concrete contractor in St. Louis is essential. Choosing the wrong commercial concrete St Louis contractor can lead to massive headaches and increase your costs.

To make an informed decision on the contractor you use, you should consider the range of residential and commercial concrete services and the ultimate cost, but also focus on their reputation in the St Louis MO area.

We also offer residential and commercial concrete services to clients in St. Charles, Chesterfield, Clayton, Wildwood, Ellisville, and other surrounding cities in the St. Louis area.

Call us today! We are a family-owned business concrete contractor in St. Louis with an A+ BBB rating! We offer a free estimate!

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