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Garage floors St. Louis, MO  are enhanced with polyurea polyaspartic floor coatings. These floor coatings give standard grey garage floor a watery tone, glossy and vibrant or the customer can select a standard color. The color choices are enhanced by the decorative acrylic color chip options available. It takes a few four coats of material application, but within hours after the process, you will have a new concrete garage floor.

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One-Day Installation Garage Floor Coatings

These polyaspartic garage floor coatings (one day coating installation)  are relatively new to the market. They paved the way for a more dense and shiny coating for concrete in the 1990s. The concept behind these floor coatings includes the polyisocyanate which acts as a catalyst which reacts to the resin, to form of polymer compound. These decorative concrete coatings are used primarily by contractors with the decorative chips.  However, they can also be used as sheer topcoats for stamped coatings, color coatings, and acid stain jobs.

Thanks to new materials, the application of polyaspartic coatings has been made possible. Unlike epoxy garage floor, these new materials have created coatings that can be applied in any manageable weather. They can be applied in temperatures as low as thirty degrees below zero and temperatures over one hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit. Now the coating for the concrete can be applied during any season of the year. Thanks to greater abrasion, the polyurea polyaspartic coatings have better impact resistance and are UV light stable which means no more amber fading to the surface over time. The application of the material will cure and be completed within a matter of hours, making it a “low inconvenience product”.  The contents of your garage can be put back the next day.  Driving on the surface can resume within 24 hours from completion.

These coatings are resistant to oil and are stain-resistant making them the optimal St Louis garage flooring option to have on garages that are prone to tire marks or other stains. The coatings form bonds to concrete which is unmatched by any other garage floor coating and it does not whiten or amber over time. The coating also protects your concrete from mild acids. It can be considered water-resistant because the floor coatings do not transmit water vapor.

Although garage floors are the most common use for the polyaspartic flooring, homeowners are enjoying the benefits of using the same finish on basement floors, sunroom floors, patios, pool decks, driveways, and front entries.  St. Louis homeowners love the durability and custom color choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price for Single Component Polyurea may go up to $142 for a gallon, which may fill in 200 to 300 square feet. But you can opt to buy 5 gallons for a cheaper price at $679. On the other hand, the cost of Polyurea Coating kits may vary depending on how many coats you may want to apply. You can pay $427 for 2 coat kits, which can cover 250 sq. ft., or $780 for a spread of 500 sq. ft.

Polyaspartic is the newer concrete coating which has taken the concrete flooring industry by storm. Since its introduction, it has toppled down epoxy with its properties and other factors. These make it more expensive than epoxy. However, if we take it’s amazing properties into consideration, we can conclude that Polyapartic is the “New King of Floors!”

  • Durability. Compared to epoxy which has a rigid texture and vulnerable to abrasion, Polyaspartic has a flexible finish which makes it more durable than epoxy. Also, it doesn’t chip, scratch, or scuff easily.
  • Drying Time. One layer of Polyaspartic quickly dries in one hour or less while one layer of epoxy can take up to 16 hours to completely dry.
  • Air Quality. Polyaspartic has low Volatile organic compounds (VOC) and no-off-gassing, which makes it odorless. Epoxy, on the other hand, requires the installer a protective breathing gear because its off-gassing can decrease air quality.
  • UV Stability. While epoxy can turn yellow or fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight, Polyaspartic poses a good property that resist discoloration even after extended UV exposure.

Technically, polyurea is a subgroup of polyutherane. It is created when an isocyanate reacts with water or a polyetheramine to form a urea linkage. On the other hand, polyaspartic is a type of aliphatic polyurea. It conquers the challenges met with the extremely fast cure time by extending the pot life of the product by allowing a longer pot life. Overall, the Polyaspartic Concrete Coating is ideal for the fast-cure scenarios and projects that need to be completed in one day.

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