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Decorative Concrete Resurfacing contractors create highly decorative solutions that combine form and function to bring your concrete floors back to life. We provide service to our clients with a detailed scope of stamped concrete work and custom pattern renderings to give you a glimpse of what we have to offer. From patterns to colors, our team will guide you through the selection process.

For over 34 years, Decorative Concrete Contractors have cared for nothing else but what our customers can gain from hiring us. We have handled concrete coatings and concrete repair for many residential and commercial clients, and while we have heard positive feedback, we will keep working to surpass your expectations. As an experienced stamped concrete contractor, we aim to deliver a personalized approach to each of our projects to ensure that you reap all the benefits you rightfully deserve.

Stamped Concrete vs. Stamped Overlay

Stamped concrete and stamped overlay may seem similar, but there is a bit of difference between the two. Stamped concrete is the process of stamping patterns on newly installed concrete slabs. A stamped overlay is a combination of Portland cement, silica sand, cementitious hardeners, and adhesives installed on existing concrete patios, pool decks, or concrete driveways to achieve a variety of decorative concrete looks. Although the stamping process is the same for both, one is done on an entirely new slab, while one involves an overlay over an old or cracked slab that needs restoration.

The costs of stamped concrete and stamped overlay depend on several factors, including materials, whether a new concrete slab will have to be installed, the size of the area, if a sealer is to be applied and what kind of design you would like. 

Installation Areas for Stamped Overlays


The porch or patio is considered an extension of the indoor living room. It should be appealing and comfortable enough for unwinding. Stamping an overlay over an existing patio is highly recommended to give it a new look and extend the slab’s life. It can effectively imitate the look of wood or stone without the high cost. A stamped patio can significantly increase the overall aesthetic of your house. It’s perfect with a combination of pergola, garden landscaping, fire pit, and flowering plants.


The driveway plays a huge role in enhancing a house property’s curb appeal. It is crucial to acquire an appealing surface without compromising the safety of the family. That is exactly what stamped concrete is here for. A stamp can be used for driveway damage repairs and as a replacement for the old slab. It could recreate the look of a luxurious concrete driveway at a more affordable cost. A stamped pattern provides enough traction, making it a safe option, especially for sloped driveways.

Pool Deck

Remember how pool decks used to use tiles on their surface? It was so unsafe because it could get very slippery. Nowadays, a pool deck resurfacing through the stamped concrete overlay is one of the most highly recommended options. It provides just enough slip resistance and a comfortable surface to walk on, even with bare feet.

Other Areas to Install Stamped Concrete

Outdoor Kitchen
Garden Landscape
Commercial Patios
Staircase steps

5-Day Stamp Concrete Overlay Installation

A professional concrete contractor can install a stamped overlay in approximately 5 days. Here is a rough summary of how the installation process goes:

1st Day: The surface is power washed and cleaned thoroughly.

2nd Day: While air-dried, the surroundings are masked and protected to ensure that the product does not affect anything but the concrete slab. A primer coat is mixed and troweled down on the concrete surface.

3rd Day: The stamped overlay mix is prepared and then applied to the prepared slab. Patterns are incorporated on the overlay before it dries and hardens.

4th Day: The overlay is left to set and dry.

5th Day: If the customer requests it, concrete staining and sealing applications are made when the concrete overlay has cured completely.

Popular Concrete Stamping Patterns & Designs

Because of its beauty, cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and durability, the popularity of this application has grown to unprecedented heights. An unlimited number of textures, patterns, designs, and colors are available to choose from. While there is always room for creativity, allowing home or business owners to come up with their own design or pattern, the top three most popular designs are:

  1. Hand-carved stone
  2. Slate pattern
  3. Random flagstone also called seamless mat
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