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Sundek Acrylic Cement Floor Coatings

This is a concrete resurfacing coating that is applied through the spray broadcasting method. It is the most popularly installed St. Louis decorative concrete coating product. Ideal application areas include pool decks, driveways, patios, garage floors, concrete retaining walls, and front entries.

Sundek offers a variety of options for designs as it can be combined with Sundek masonry effects, Tuscan, sunstone, or sun stamp. A fully customized solution is available with the wide texture and color variations possible.

garage floor epoxy st louis

Garage Floor- Polyurea Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Polyaspartic coatings are a dense, high-gloss concrete topper that entered the decorative concrete industry in the ’90s. Polyaspartic concrete coatings St Louis is a one-day installation coating that can be applied on its own with vinyl paint chips.

This garage floor coating is an epoxy floor alternative and it can also be applied as a sheer layer or top coat for color coatings, stamped coatings, and acid-stained concrete floors in St. Louis.

SunSplash – Colored Cement Finish

Another spray broadcasted coating is the SunSplash brought to us by Sundek. The difference between this and the Sundek Classic Texture is that the globules of sprayed coating aren’t troweled down.

The result is a distinct orange peel-like texture. It can be applied to vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces. This concrete coating is a decorative solution that is safe for the environment. It protects the substrate from weather exposure, salt, dirt, and other residues.

Sundek SunStone – Limestone Floor Coatings

One of the newest products available in our Sundek lineup in St. Louis is SunStone Cement Coating. It is a completely unique product that mimics natural limestone.

It looks and feels authentic and can be applied over various concrete floor surfaces. Aside from concrete, it can be applied over materials such as brick, foam, sheetrock, Hardie board, stucco, cinder block, and more. Thanks to this unique product, you won’t have to tear out the existing concrete surface to replace it with limestone.

Patio with geometric stamped concrete pattern

SunSand – Colored Acrylic Coating

Another unique addition to our Sundek line of products is the SunSand. It is a water-based acrylic finish coat combined with an aggregate component.

Fine aggregates like glass beads or aluminum oxide are added to achieve a fine texture that provides slip resistance. It is applied either through spray broadcasting or rolled onto existing concrete surfaces.

SunGlaze – Colored Concrete Sealer

SunGlaze is applied as a translucent concrete colorant as a sealer.  A clear coat of sealant is mixed with pigment to achieve this effect. It is actually a sealer and not a coating. The translucent stain effect makes it a more affordable alternative to concrete staining.

It works well with Sundek coatings such as Sunland, Classic Texture, and Tuscan. It can also be applied to concrete, brick pavers, and over stamped concrete overlays.

SunColor – Solid Color Concrete Stain Floor Coatings

SunColor is another water-based acrylic finish concrete coating. Ideal for application over bare, colored, or stained concrete for a renewed surface in St. Louis, MO. It works best with other Sundek systems, such as masonry effects, aggregate effects, or custom scorelines.

A wide array of colors are available for you to choose from. There are ready-made colors such as Peking blue, brandy wine, smoke gray, terra cotta, and more. However, if none of these tickle your fancy, a completely custom-made color can be blended.

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TUSCAN – Stamped Cement Overlays

Sundek’s Tuscan effect is ideal for creating an Old-World European feel for your concrete surfaces. It can be applied with other Sundek systems, such as masonry, aggregate, or custom score lines for a decorative flair. It is ideal for application in outdoor areas with horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces.

SunStamp–Stamped Cement Overlays

This product falls under the broad spectrum of stamped concrete overlays. Sundek’s stamped overlay provides a fully customized texture, pattern, and color for your concrete surfaces. Colors can be achieved through staining, colored coatings, or colored oxides. The SunStamp process isn’t limited to patterned mats, it also applies techniques using templates and freeform carving to create a lasting impression on any Saint Louis concrete surface.

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