SunStamp- Stamped Concrete Overlays


Decorative Concrete Resurfacing provides many options for your home when it comes to concrete resurfacing including the Sundek acrylic cement coating, stamped concrete overlays, polyurea/polyaspartics, acid staining and concrete sealing.

The SunStamp coating falls into the broad description of stamped concrete overlays. This product is most commonly installed to area such as pool decks, patios, front entries and walkways. This coating is applied on top of the existing concrete which is already in place.  It offers customized concrete stamping designs which leave lasting elegance and Old World design.  It is perfect for horizontal design, vertical design, indoors or out for residential and commercial areas. The permanent cement overlay offered without the process of removal and replacement is an alternative to getting rid of imperfections which might be present in your existing concrete.

Once the concrete has been properly prepared and the surrounding areas have been masked, the SunStamp mix is poured and gauge raked into place.  As the material starts to set-up and become firm, textured mats are used to stamp the textured finish into the top surface.  These mats can be “seamless” resembling one big large rock or they can have a design pattern like flagstone, slate or wood.   After the initial cure of the surface it is sprayed or hand sponged with the SunGlaze antiquing color or colors that have been chosen.  The final step is to spray or roll a clear sealer with anti-slip additive on the surface.

Concrete driveways use to conjure the idea of a simple gray driveway covered in oil stains or cracks. Now, however, the options have changed. The new design coatings, stains, and patterns used on concrete driveways at present offer an affordable means of turning what was once a simple gray slab into a fashionable and chic driveway with the appearance of other natural stones or wood. The addition of decorative options to concrete patios not only upgrades the value of backyards and homes as investments, but creates authentic looks of cobblestones, slate, or other stones, the colors of which can be altered to compliment any exterior or outdoor furniture.

Durable, concrete pool decks and patios offer a safer alternative to stone or wood. However, the decorative techniques of SunStamp applied can give a look which mirrors these expensive surfaces at an affordable price. The benefits of adding stamped overlay to your concrete surface are endless. The cement coating provides a slip-resistant coating for safety. The coating will extend the life of your concrete by adding extra protection from the elements. The maintenance is minimal. The designs are unlimited, suiting your style and creativity.  Low maintenance with high durability are key.

Give us a call or feel free to fill out our “request a quote form”, our designers are ready to help you create your “one of a kind” concrete masterpiece.

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