4 Different Ways to Keep Your Yard Pet-Friendly

Having a pet is one of the most comforting experiences. Pets are the most loyal friends that keep us company. We share moments with them and make memories that certainly last. Pet owners, on the other hand, are responsible for the safety and well being of their beloved pets. One of the areas of the home that can be overlooked when it comes to safety hazards is the lawn. If you want to keep pets safe when they are running along and playing around in the yard, read on. In this article, we give you four different ways to keep your yard pet-friendly.

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Have Non-Skid Walkways

stamped concrete st louis

Walkways can be quite slippery during the rainy season and during winter. This won’t do with pets who love to run around the lawn and can possibly hurt themselves as they go. Add some traction to walkways and even driveways with stamped concrete overlays. The textured surface of patterned overlays is comfortable on paws and non-skid for safety.

Use Fences to Create a Safe Space

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If you have a wide backyard it can be quite difficult to keep your eyes on wandering pets. Putting up fences is a good way to create a safe space where pets can freely roam. These fences can also keep your greenery safe from getting trampled or chewed on. With this, our furry friends can get their regular exercise while you can relax on a chair and watch them go along.

Add Some Shade

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Pets, especially furry ones, can easily overheat under the scorching heat of the sun. Their paws can also be scalded when walking on hot concrete. Make sure to have enough shade around the lawn to prevent this. To do so, you may put up a canopy or plant some shrubbery and trees. This will provide shelter from the sun so your pets won’t be overexposed to heat.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals and Poisonous Plants

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If you have a garden in your yard there’s a tendency to use certain types of fertilizers and pesticides. There’s also a chance that unwelcomed poisonous plants can stray into your lawn. Exposure to these can have deadly consequences to your pets. Make sure to check the ingredients of fertilizers and use natural alternatives for pesticides. Poisonous plants should be identified and immediately removed from the lawn.

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