Winter Protection for Driveway Resurfacing St. Louis MO

Investing in stunning concrete driveway St. Louis MO services does not come cheap so it is natural for every homeowner to be quite protective about it. No one wants to spend a fortune on concrete driveway repairs right after winter, so it is best to apply protective measures now to keep driveway concrete in tip-top condition. Here are some do’s and don’t’s in making a concrete driveway survive the harsh effects of the snow season.

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Do’s in Maintaining Concrete Driveways During Winter

Start Early

It is important for homeowners to start prepping driveways even before winter begins. It must be clean from debris, leaves, and dirt to make management a lot easier once snow piles on it.

Invest in a Concrete Driveway Sealer

This comes with a more affordable concrete driveway cost than damage repairs. A sealer can help protect the concrete underneath from water, snow, abrasion, and impact if applied efficiently.

Repair Minor Damage ASAP

If small cracks or pits are already present on the driveway surface, it is advisable to have it repaired immediately before it gets worse. A concrete driveway resurfacing is a great but economical option. Not only would it make the driveway more durable, but it will also enhance the look and keep the slab underneath protected during the winter season.

Don’t’s in Protecting Resurfaced Concrete Driveways

Avoid Deicing Salts

Although these are effective in keeping ice sheets from forming on the surface, they can be destructive on concrete, especially on a new concrete driveway installation that is less than a year old. To improve traction, use an aggregate instead, like sand or something that contains Calcium Chloride as a main ingredient.

Don’t Use a Shovel

Avoid using a shovel when clearing out snow as it can cause damage that may increase the cost of concrete driveway repairs. Opt for more gentle methods like snow blowing.

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