Why Sealing Your Concrete Is Important

Have you ever wondered why concrete contractors highly recommend sealing concrete surfaces? For homeowners, it is but natural to feel doubtful of the crucial need for concrete sealing. It only extends the floor repair time and adds to the total costs. So why seal concrete, right? A coating or two of concrete sealer is important for many reasons. Read on to know what they are.

Sealed Concrete = Protected Concrete

concrete sealing st louis moOil and grease are just some of the most damaging things that could spill on a concrete floor. You must keep in mind that concrete is a very porous material. This is the reason why dirt and spills penetrate the surface, causing unpleasant damage like ugly stains and horrible discoloration. A sealer helps cover up the little, tiny pores of a concrete slab, preventing anything from getting in. This means spills and dirt stay on the surface, ready to be wiped or swept off.

Easier Cleaning & Maintenance

Because dirt and liquids stay on the surface, a sealed concrete floor becomes easier to clean and maintain. Occasional sweeping and mopping keep it in good shape. No more scrubbing, brushing, and what not. This way, you get more time to work out properly in the gym, not on your concrete floors.

Shields Against Sun, Snow, & Rain

concrete driveway sealer st louis moOutdoor concrete floors could benefit tremendously from concrete sealers. It helps protect a driveway from damage caused by UV rays, freeze-thaw cycles, and rainfall. This way, the need for a concrete driveway repair is minimized, if not eliminated completely.

Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

Concrete sealers in St. Louis come in a range of finishes. Sealing concrete floors look polished, with the right amount of shine, to make it look more classy, always new, and consistently clean. For stained floors, sealers have the ability to make colors more vibrant and more pronounced.

Makes Concrete Last Longer

Sealing concrete adds that extra layer of protection against most damaging elements. This means the concrete slab underneath lies there safe and sound. And when concrete is safe and sound, its life expectancy is extended. However, it is important to note that sealers also fade, depending on how much the floor is used. Most concrete sealers require a reapplication after a couple of years. There are also other sealer types that last longer but cost more, too. No matter what type of sealer you use on your concrete floor, it will always be worth the investment.

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