5 Ways to Upgrade your Concrete Patio

Outdoor concrete is the best material for patios. A St. Louis concrete patio is best enhanced with stamping designs. With concrete flooring in your exteriors, the floors obtain lasting strength and beauty. 

Giving the concrete floors in the outdoors a makeover is easy. There are many available options you can go with. Refinishing the flooring’s surface is one, or you can match decor and accents to the whole backyard design and ambiance. 

Here are five ways for you to upgrade your patio. To start, let’s first define what a patio is.

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Finding your patio…

Is it a patio or a porch? Indoor extensions of a house that are found outdoors are called a deck, porch, or balcony. Traditionally the patio is an outdoor area to welcome the guests and the visitors. A porch is an extension of a home’s indoor area with steps going towards the outdoors. Today the patio or porch can offer the same meaning.

Newest Trends on Patio Designs 

1- Euro Inspired Loggia

A patio is a modern architecture concept that was initially indeed by old-world Italian loggia. It refers to the columns that cover up an outdoor flooring. It is like the balconies where people lounge to sit and relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery. 

So, a concrete patio will upgrade by adding roofings to it. Modern designs will incorporate the old-architecture relieving the old days. What inspired these designs are the bold structures of arcs and columns that accent the exterior of homes or buildings.

2- A Cozy Cove

A patio is a form of outdoor living space. Living rooms are finding a new niche among the outdoors. If you have a balcony or terrace, it is an ample space to upgrade and turn into a comfortable, cozy cove within your own property. 

To make a cozy spot on the patio, you can recycle old living room furniture. If you find it hard to throw preloved furniture, rugs and sofas, put it outdoors. Do a little tweaking with style by going white and neutral.

Neutral colored accents coincide well with the concrete texture and the outdoor elements of nature. Or, as you revamp the exterior concrete floor, renovate old sofas with eclectic or ethnic cushioning to create a mini paradise in your property.

3- Fusion of Fire and Water

The third and final go to exterior designing is combining contrasting elements. A patio is an exciting place to mix and match fire pits and waterscapes. 

For the water elements, a fish pond by the patio will create a calm and relaxing ambiance. Especially by the day when the sun is up, cool waterscapes can also cool your mind.

By night, if the air gets too cold, a firepit by the patio will soothe and warm your mood. 

These are three simple and easy trends to pump up your ordinary outdoor space. Get started with one to work your creativity out. Then, next, you can combine more elements or ideas of your choice. The important thing is that you keep the floors sturdy, polished, and free from damage to maintain a healthy and safe living space.

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