Creative Ways to add Life to Your Outdoor Space

The outdoors is just awesome. Picture a walk in the park. It’s sunny, you have ice cream on your hand. You’re walking the dog and everybody’s wearing smiles like there’s no smile left in the world. Perfect day huh? Now picture your backyard. Does it look much like a scene where you’ll be able to smile and just have one damn good day? If not, we’ve got some ways that I think would help you turn your outdoor space into a place of refuge, positivity and good vibes.

Outdoor designs and complementary techniques have continued to evolve over the years. Forget about those inexpensive lawn chairs and scratchy nylon seat cushions―today’s outdoor space styles is just as comfy as what you have indoors.

Invest in Decorations. We often go with neutral pastel colors when it comes to placing stuff in the yard. But you could do better by adding color to your decors! Spice up those mundane colors with bright colors that are sure to bring you a refreshed view of your outdoor space. A normal-looking wooden chair can look better if you paint in in a red finish, and it brings a lively energy to your surrounding (especially if you have plants around).

Cozy It Up! Of course this is essential during spring or summer. Have a little space for cushions and carpets where you can sit back and chill, lay and watch the stars at night or watch a movie outdoors. Outdoor area rugs add softness underfoot and create a defined living space on your deck or patio, while accent pillows make outdoor seating more comfortable and inviting. You can add the feeling of comfort by having your concrete resurfaced (staining or stamped) into a beautiful flooring that could blend in with your cushions and sofas or beanbags. There are different designs and patterns that you could use for your concrete. For a comprehensive list of decorative concrete services, click here.

Use creative lighting. Your outdoor space could look very relaxing (especially at night) once you install lighting. The right outdoor lighting will provide beautiful ambience. It also provides safety during nighttime. You can light up your walls with wall-mounted sconces and fixtures. Your garden illuminates with solar-powered LED landscape light kits. Your driveway can look bright with a pair of tall post lights. Candles and lanterns can also add a sense of peace.

Fountains of Youth. Adding fountains to every corner of your backyard can definitely give you peace and relaxation once you hear the sound of flowing water. There are various fountain sizes for every space. And these could be used for your backyard’s Zen.

Accessorize! Like your own room, it’s the little things that really give an outdoor space personality and make it ‘pop’. Put up a simple stack of river rocks, some sculpture from an obscure artist, and a cluster of candles on a tabletop for full effect.

So whether you just moved in to a new house, or have been living in it for a few years already, and you want to maximize the use of your outdoor space, consider these options. You’ll be amazed at how livable your yard could be.

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April 8, 2020

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