Commercial Concrete Trends That Are Changing the Way We Do Everything

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Concrete has transformed its use and appearance recently as architects and designers have discovered its versatility and durability.
Today, concrete is not just a building material but an artistic medium, a sustainable solution, and a technology that can revolutionize how we construct our spaces.

Freshest Concrete Trends to Enhance Your Commercial Floors

If you’re a trendy and modern property owner or a business space owner, you’ll want to keep up with the latest concrete resurfacing trends that impact your commercial flooring. Your local Commercial Concrete St Louis flooring experts are now ahead of these trends. So you can begin planning your spaces with them and give your business the boost it needs.
In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of the newest concrete trends that are game-changers for your commercial spaces.

Sustainability and Green Concrete

One of the biggest trends in commercial concrete is sustainability, which has become a priority in the construction industry. Green concrete uses recycled materials and alternative energy sources, such as fly ash, slag, and silica fume, to reduce its carbon footprint.
It also has a longer lifespan than traditional concrete, requiring less maintenance and replacement. You’ll appreciate green concrete’s eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits of green concrete for your commercial spaces.

eco-friendly space with wide window and modern chairs

Self-Healing Concrete

Another exciting trend in commercial concrete is self-healing concrete, which can repair itself. This type of concrete contains bacteria or capsules of healing agents that can activate and fill cracks and holes when they appear.
Self-healing concrete can save money and time on maintenance and repair and extend the life of the concrete. You will be amazed by self-healing concrete’s low-maintenance and long-lasting benefits for your commercial spaces.

3D Printing in Concrete

3D printing is changing how we manufacture and design everything, including concrete.
3D printing in concrete allows architects and designers to create complex and customized structures that are impossible to achieve with traditional concrete casting methods. This technology also allows for precise and efficient use of materials, reducing waste and costs.

Explore the endless possibilities of 3D-printed concrete for your commercial spaces. You can access these recent innovations with the help of a professional flooring contractor and designers of Commercial Concrete St Louis. You can begin the makeover in your spaces in no time.

3D printing

Digitalization of Concrete

The digitalization of concrete is another trend that is transforming the construction industry. Using sensors, cameras, and other monitoring devices, concrete structures can be continuously monitored for cracks, deformation, and other issues.

This data can be analyzed in real-time and used to predict maintenance needs and improve safety. As a trendy and modern homeowner, you’ll appreciate digitalized concrete’s enhanced safety and cost-effectiveness for your commercial spaces.

Decorative Concrete

Finally, decorative concrete is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in commercial spaces.

Decorative concrete resurfacing allows for customization and personalization of floors, walls, and other surfaces with textures, colors, and patterns. This application can also mimic the look and feel of different materials, such as wood, stone, and metal, at a fraction of the cost.
As a trendy and modern homeowner, you’ll appreciate decorative concrete’s aesthetic and cost-effective benefits for your commercial spaces.

wide couch with aesthetic table and throw pillows

Concrete Transformation: Business Spaces Revamped

In conclusion, today’s newest concrete trends are changing the game for commercial spaces.

You’ll want to use these innovative solutions if you are a modern property owner.
Whether you’re looking for sustainability, low maintenance, customization, or safety, a concrete trend can meet your needs. So, keep up with the latest concrete trends and see how they can transform your commercial spaces.

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