Top 5 Front Porch Remodeling Ideas

front porch st louis moPorches are almost a necessity for every home. You will find photographs of homes online that feature before and after images of when they didn’t and soon had a porch installed. The difference is astounding. The house looks more approachable, warmer, and even friendlier. If you already have a porch but want to remodel it to make it better, here are cool ideas that could result in outstanding results.

Resurface the Porch Concrete

If you have a concrete porch, resurfacing it with a coating or overlay is enough to give it a significant boost. Stamped concrete offers various patterns that are super ideal for porches. Imagine a natural stone porch with flagstone or slate. You may also have a brick porch or one designed to look like huge tiles. The possibilities available for a front porch concrete resurfacing are limitless.

Refresh its Look with a Paint Job

A layer of fresh paint will make the porch look refreshingly new to anyone who sees it. You can consider painting the door a different color than the rest of the house. It can be quite risky to use bold colors but it actually works. Some brown-themed homes used red or blue-green on their doors and the results are amazing. If you want to leave the home alone, paint the entire front porch or maybe just the railings and posts. The new color will renew your interest and the mood felt when hanging out on the porch.

Make it More Comfortable

Adding or changing the furniture is an easy method of revamping the look of a porch. Add a rug, throw some pillows on the chairs, or add some greenery somewhere. One home converted a boring porch into a rustic one by simply making benches out of reclaimed wood and tree branches. If you have a wide enough space, add a dining area and a place for entertaining guests. Hanging daybeds are a popular addition nowadays.

Add Columns

Your porch may already have a post that holds the railings together. Why not make it more decorative and dramatic? Imagine the gothic and ionic columns of past and try to incorporate it into your porch. You may also consider brick columns or wooden tree trunks if that is your thing.

Screen It

Add more security and privacy simply by adding screens around the porch. Turning a porch into a sunroom extends the indoor living space without taking away from the curb appeal that a front porch provides. If you want something more open, add windows or curtains that you can easily open or close when you wish.

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