Top 5 Concrete Repair Tips and Tricks

garage floor epoxy cost st louis moConcrete repair isn’t something anyone can do. Depending on the severity of the damage, it would be easy to determine if it is something that can be done the DIY way or if a professional concrete repair St. Louis contractor is needed to apply the repairs. Whichever way, concrete surfaces with issues need to be attended to immediately before it gets worse. Here are the top 5 tips and tricks anyone needs to know about when it comes to concrete repair:

1. Know the Cause of the Damage

It is never a good thing to assume. A crack may just look like a minor issue but there may be underlying problems behind it. Any damage on the surface of concrete must not be dismissed as a superficial issue. It is important to know what is really causing the damage and to address that properly. For example, you may just be seeing a crack but underneath, it could be a huge issue with the steel foundation of the concrete slab.

2. Choose the Right Solution

Once the cause is determined, it would be easy to find the most appropriate fix. There are many different types of solutions when it comes to concrete repair. The crucial thing is to know which one would work best for the damage being dealt with. Concrete coatings St. Louis solutions may work for minor issues, like hairline cracks, but not for large gaps and deep pits.

3. Clean the Surface

Any repair needs to start with a good cleaning. It is important to apply fixes on a clean surface to ensure that there will be no debris, dirt, or any other stuff that would hinder or weaken the fix being applied. For example, any loose concrete left inside a crack would weaken the adherence of an epoxy filling. The result? The crack can get worse or recur.

4. Do Not Rush

A quick fix is highly preferable but there are certain concrete repairs that require careful application and long drying or curing time periods. It is important to be patient to make sure that the fix achieves maximum effectiveness or else the damage will just recur. If a product requires three days to completely dry and then another day before it can be used, it is important to follow that strictly.

5. Always Finish Off with a Sealer

A St Louis concrete contractor project usually finishes with a top coat sealer and there is a good reason why. A sealer serves as a protective layer for all types of concrete surfaces. Whether it is a crack repair, a decorative concrete resurfacing, or a stain re-application, a sealer coating can help make the repair last longer. It can even improve the shine of the surface and enhance the vibrancy of colors, especially for concrete stains. There are many different types of sealers. It is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a professional to know what sealer is the most appropriate type to use.

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