The Fine Ingredient

Backyard BBQs are just the best.

The three main ingredients that makes for an awesome backyard BBQ are food, friends and ambiance. Without these, you’re having the worst backyard BBQ ever. Now it’s obvious that we can’t help you with the food and the friends (but if you invites us over, that would be cool!), but we can definitely do the job in managing and maximizing the ambiance. Even if you have a few friends over and the hot dogs get a little bit burnt, you can still leave a lasting impression for your guests that will keep them talking for weeks!

It all comes down to how beautiful and memorable the presentation can be created in your outdoor space by using decorative concrete. Think of your walkways and patios; there’s one that will lead the way to your event and to brilliantly showcase whatever’s in store for them.


It’s good to literally pave your way to success. Your walkway is one of the first things that your guests would see as they walk up to the path that leads to your BBQ cookout. Make it memorable by using a textured or stamped concrete system that mimic the looks of expensive stone while adding a beautiful border. It gives a calm and distinctive look with a definite touch of elegance. You can design the walkway to wind and roam around your garden to highlight how awesome your garden blooms are. And taking it from the best angles, t would definitely be Instagram worthy! As the walkways nears your patio, add color so that it would literally stand out to be the center of your main event.

stamped-concrete-patio-St-Louis Patios

You can also create a focal point for your BBQ cookout by having an open, airy space where your guests can be welcomed and comforted. You can also place a conversation pit in the middle or a fireplace to encourage them to socialize. A great-looking patio will also encourage folks to look around and would make them see the various places of your yard; and if your space permits, you can combine and have all three effects!

Using stamped concrete overlays for your patio will definitely be an addition to that feeling and ambiance that you would like to achieve: a rustic feel through a wooden texture, a modern look with smooth geometrical shapes, a poolside ambiance with mosaic tile, or a personalized flair with a custom pattern.

Now there a lot of things that you’d need to prepare for your BBQ party. The guest list, planning the menu and all the other things. You’re probably going to be busy and a little stressed. So let us at Decorative Concrete Resurfacing take care of your ambiance needs. After all, with one less problem to worry about, the fine ingredient for a good time can be achieved through decorative concrete.

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