Stamped Concrete Entryway Testimonial: Julie, Chesterfield, MO

A drab looking walkway won’t leave a good first impression on guests as they walk to your home. If you want to make a mark as soon as someone steps on your property, do what our client Julie did. She called and asked what we could do to revamp her walkway. After giving her a free quote, she didn’t hesitate at all to acquire our services.

We worked with Julie to get the color, texture and overall look of her walkway custom-made to her liking. To achieve the results she wanted, we applied a stamped concrete overlay that resembled flagstone in her preferred color scheme. See the satisfying results by watching the video below.

Melanie: Hi! I’m here with Julie in Chesterfield, and Ruth, her puppy. And we just installed her front entryway in a stamped pattern. Julie what did you think about the work we did for you?

Julie: We are so happy with it. We love the look of it. It just passes the place of the whole lot. The guys that came out and did the work were so professional. And they spend a lot of time working with us to get the colors right, and to get the look right. And we’re just thrilled.

Melanie: And most important question, would you recommend us to friends and family?

Julie: I totally would!

Melanie: Awesome! Thank you, Julie! We appreciate you having us do the work for you. I’m gonna go ahead and pan and show our viewers your entryway.

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