Pool Deck Resurfacing Testimonial: Mark, Lake St. Louis, MO

When Mark, our client, had a new pool installed, he wanted his concrete pool deck to match an existing concrete area near their back door. So our team resurfaced the existing concrete together with the pool deck to achieve the results Mark wanted. Now you won’t be able to tell that there was an old concrete space in the first place!

With a spray knockdown finish applied, everything looks brand new. Watch the video below to hear a testimonial directly from our client. You’ll also be able to see the results for yourself and you won’t wonder how we made Mark one satisfied client!

Melanie: Hi! I’m here with Mark in Lake St. Louis who we recently resurfaced his pool deck. Mark could you tell us what you thought about us do the work for you?

Mark: They did a great job. The deck just looks awesome. It’s a new pool and we had an old concrete area that we wanted to match. They took care of the old concrete, the new concrete and looks like one big new concrete areas. So great. I highly recommend them to come in and do the work for you and make your deck look good as ours.

Melanie: Thank you so much, Mark! Thanks for your time. I’m gonna pan and show our viewers your pool deck.

Mark: Sure!

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