Concrete Resurfacing Testimonial: Andy, Chesterfield, MO

Our client, Andy, didn’t just want one area of his property resurfaced. He knew that he had to find a contractor that would give him a reasonable quote to make sure that he makes the most out of his investment. Andy knew that he had to experience the quality work that he’d seen on his friend’s pool deck. After asking the same friend for a reliable referral Andy called us to get his free quote. He was on his way to guaranteed satisfaction from there. Watch the video below to see the results of Andy’s resurfaced driveway, pool deck, front walkway, and garage floors.

Melanie: Good afternoon. I’m here with Andy in Chesterfield. And Andy we recently resurfaced your pool deck, driveway, front entryway and and your garage floors. Could you tell us what you thought about us doing the work for you.

Andy: Sure! So there were lots of different contractors to potentially choose from. I researched it very hard and finally came up a URL as a recommendation from a friend. It also turns out that you guys had done the prior work on his house. So the work that had been done before for the pool area was excellent and so I thought given the results that I had seen in the past and the referrals that I have gotten that it’s a good stuff to get a quote from you all. I got a reasonable quote on the backyard pool area as well as the garages and the driveway. The work that was done by the workers were excellent. They were very thoughtful and cleaned up all of their mess as they went along and ensure that the house was left in great shape. The work itself is excellent and I highly recommend them.

Melanie: Well, thanks so much, Andy. I’m gonna go ahead and pan and show the viewers your areas here.

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