Your Swimming Pool Safety Checklist

Your swimming pool is a source of comfort and a cool solace during scorching summers. Family, friends and even neighbors will visit once and a while to cool down with you. Although having company around is always fun, this increases the risk of liability on your part. So, should you consider closing down your pool to everyone else? Not so fast. The only thing you need to do is to abide by this swimming pool safety checklist.

A Checklist for Eliminating Safety Hazards

Safety hazards are all around the pool area. You will find these in the form of pool deck cracks, shifting concrete and slippery decks. If you don’t deal with these early on, you’re sure to have an accident around the pool area. It’s important to act immediately if there are any of these hazards on your pool deck:

  • Pool Deck Cracks

Those nasty cracks on your pool deck aren’t just an eyesore. These sharp cracks are an accident waiting to happen. Make sure to deal with these before having guests over. Call a licensed pool deck contractor that specializes in crack repair.

  • Shifting Concrete

Uneven slabs of concrete is caused by the movement and shifting of the soil. These are trip hazards that can lead to unwanted accidents. Eliminate these by making the necessary repairs that will solve this particular problem.

  • Slippery Pool Deck

A slippery pool deck is dangerous for kids and adults alike. Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries. The best way to solve this issue is to increase traction with pool deck resurfacing. Choose an overlay that will provide a skid-free finish.

Safety Equipment Checklist

Safety equipment is essential for every pool owner. Especially those with families. We all know how excited kids get when the sea the crisp blue waters of a swimming pool. Preventive measures and emergency equipment is a must. Make sure that you’re all stocked up on the following:

  • Pool Alarms
  • Safety Fence Kits
  • Gate and Door Alarms
  • Pool Warning Signage
  • Rescue Tubes
  • Throw Ropes
  • Buoys
  • Self-Closing Pool Gate Deck Latches

With all these boxes checked, you’re ready to have fun all while being safe. It’s always much better to have guests around with the confidence that you’re fully prepared for anything. Know more about how you can make your pool deck safe and in good condition. Call your local contractor or visit our homepage to find out more.

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