Go Green! Sustainable Flooring Ideas (Part 1) For Your Homes

Do you want to get into flooring? Regardless if you are new or not, you will surely learn a thing or two from today’s guide. From DIY flooring, hiring professional residential Concrete St. Louis contractors, to finding the best sustainable concrete resurfacing ideas for your concrete floor.

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Sustainable And Stylish Flooring Ideas You Can Try Out

There are dozens of flooring ideas out in the market. You have the liberty to choose a design or solution that is eco-friendly, luxurious, efficient, or downright simple and easy to install. Here are some of them.

1. Recycled Materials

Nothing beats sustainable and eco-friendly, like recycled materials for flooring. You can choose from a wide range of options, including hardwood, recycled glass, and rubber tire flooring.

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2. Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete not only looks pleasing but is cost-efficient as well. Another benefit of decorative concrete is that you can install it without exerting a lot of effort. You can place them in residential and commercial settings.

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3. Cork

Cork is a cheap one-of-a-kind flooring. The only thing that makes it difficult comes in setting the corks unto your surface. You can save more if you pay a visit to restaurants and diners for cork donations. Cork is best for recreational areas, exercise floors, and basements.

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4. Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlays are neat for interior and exterior floors. You can opt for overlays if your flooring needs cost-efficient resurfacing and repairs. There is no need for a complete replacement, and you can work on your area as a DIY project. And the result is seamless concrete floors that are slip and stain-resistant.

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5. Epoxy Flake Floorings

Epoxy flake floorings come in handy for garages and backyard settings. You have many options for epoxy flake floorings that will give your surface a unique look.

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How Much Will The Floorings Cost?

How much cost you will spend depends on the type of flooring you will install. Wood and rubber are budget-friendly. Cork and other materials are not that expensive as well. You will have to spend more only if you hire a concrete contracting company to do the flooring for you. Contracting company costs include:

  • Service fees
  • Labor fees
  • Materials the personnel will use
  • Transportation costs
  • Project duration

You can take it easy with the expenses if you do the flooring job on your own. Another benefit of turning the endeavor into a DIY project is that you have total control over the entire thing. That includes picking the design, the time frame, and the items and materials you will use.

One More Thing

You do not have to sacrifice your floor’s aesthetic aspect for its durability and sustainability. You can achieve both with a little research, and you can maximize this if you hire a flooring company to take care of your flooring matters. Regardless of what material you use, it will leave a positive effect on your home and yard, or wherever you wish to place it.

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