Go Green! Sustainable Flooring Ideas (Part 2) For The Business Scene

In the previous post, you find out that cost-efficient solutions do not limit a property’s value. You can transform your homes with style and not cut holes in your pockets. This inspired us to bring you today’s post! Discover energy-saving electronics to hang in your interiors to decorate the floors with commercial concrete St Louis

Green living is in! Find out how you can grow your business by attracting an audience with advocacy. This is “Sustainable Flooring Ideas: Part 2” for the eco-conscious commercial spaces. 

Increase your profit with these eco-friendly themes for your business.

Sustainable Flooring Materials To Try In The Business Scene

Previously, you discovered using practical and unique ideas such as cork, bare polished concrete, and cost-efficient overlays to build the floors. You can work with recycled materials that are not expensive but still provide aesthetic comfort for homes. Get the specific types here, next.

Businesses today need something relatable. Comfortable commercial spaces are attractive. Incorporate the benefits of green living concepts to hook the audience and expand your target market. 

1. Cost-Efficient Concrete Floor

The concrete flooring is fantastic. The last post discussed how you could utilize your old concrete for a fresh look to your personal spaces. It’s cost-efficient since the floor will not require a replacement. It saves you expensive labor. It also reduces throwing away reusable materials. 

But, concrete’s benefits are endless. By incorporating the stripped concrete design, business areas can get a modern and fresh vibe. An exposed cement on walls and floors combines a rustic look with modern elements. You help mother nature by not letting harmful scents from chemical paints diffuse in the air. 

furnished blond wooden bar with high chairs

2. Eco-Friendly Decors And Cover-Ups

Here are some eco-friendly materials which you can add as accents to the natural stone flooring.

  • Linseed Covers. You are familiar with the classic, retro feels of the linoleum floors. Your grandma and your moms probably have kept their love for this plant-based material. 

The lino floor mats and covering are made of natural linseed oil. Add these to your business spaces, offices, cafe, or retail stores. It will become homey with this warm and cozy material.

  • Berber Mats. This mat is specifically made from recycled plastic bottles. You can add this as a top layer for your polished concrete. Aside from epoxy coatings, P.E.T. carpets provide excellent slip-resistance. They are easy to clean, as well. 

Use these for covering your office spaces. This will also add a sense of comfort for hotels or meeting rooms.

  • Wool. Another sustainable and natural-based material is woven knitted flooring. This is also your option for heavy-use and heavy traffic areas. It is as good as installing sturdy epoxy flooring high-function floors. Wool carpets also last for ages.
wooden kitchen floor

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is the best sustainable, eco-friendly material there ever is. This is great for building both floors and furniture. Bamboo is super efficient because it does not need hard processing to manufacture an end-product. Its natural aesthetic is enough to create elegant steps and luxury-grade tables, chairs, and even lighting materials, such as lampshades and chandeliers.

Photo by The Spruce

4. Energy Efficient Materials 

What else can you combine with cost-efficient concrete floors and sustainable furniture but an energy-saving appliance? L.E.D. Lights are in for a green living. LED lamps can save up to 80% and more of the electricity consumed than conventional lights.

In Summary

That’s it for our collection of sustainable ideas and materials for an eco-conscious commercial space. You can mix-match those included in your homes, too! 

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