The Best Thing About Stamped Concrete Overlays

The practice of stamping concrete began over 50 years ago. There are two ways of stamping a concrete. The first one is done by removing the concrete and re-molded with a stamped pattern already pressed to it. The second one is through what we now call a stamped concrete overlay. Between these two, many prefer doing the latter. What is the best thing about stamped concrete overlays? Why are more people drawn to it? Read on.

stamped concrete overlay st louis

The best thing about stamped concrete overlays is that it produces the same effect of the traditional concrete stamping minus the work, time, and money you have to spend. The process only requires just a small amount of polymer cement, which, when molded and laid onto concrete, creates the same effect and look as stamped cement.

To some, the best thing in using stamped concrete overlays is its ability to hide imperfections on the concrete. Stamped concrete overlays can also be applied to plain concrete slabs to make them look new and attractive. By doing this, you are able to renovate the look of your space without having to spend a fortune in removing and replacing the concrete altogether.

Others think that the best thing about concrete stamped overlays is the many different sizes, shapes, and patterns available. These offer people many options on how they can decorate their concrete floors. These readily available patterns and designs also help people easily turn a boring concrete to something unique and attractive. There are many possible ways in achieving any look you want with a concrete overlay. Your imagination is the limit.

Stamped decorative concrete overlays are your best bet in re-decorating your concrete. With its durability, appearance, low maintenance, and cost, you can be assured that you made the right choice. Do your research on the Internet and learn more about concrete overlays before finally deciding to do it on your space.

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