5 Stamped Concrete Overlay Ideas

It is almost impossible not to notice the growing trend and demand for decorative concrete, particularly with concrete stamping. Aside from the affordable stamped concrete cost and non-complicated installation process, a stamped concrete surface can be customized. It is really exciting for homeowners to be able to have several options for stamped concrete patterns, designs, and colors. So now you are interested but have no idea where to actually have it done? Here are ideas for stamped concrete overlay projects.

Pleasant Patio


Want an outdoor entertaining area that looks as good as an indoor living room but with the weather resistance of an outdoor space? Then a concrete stamped patio is the home transformation project for you. The great thing about this resurfacing method is that it can be made to look like real stone or pavers. This gives you more room for an architectural style match-up that looks expensive yet costs affordable.

Delightful Driveway

stamped-concrete-driveway-installationA driveway may just be the road to the entryway or the garage but it still contributes a lot to a property’s curb appeal. So why not apply stamped concrete there and make it a lot more attractive? You can choose to have the whole way stamped or, to make it a lot more interesting, use two or more different patterns in alternation. You may also add borders or breaks using a contrasting pattern to make it look more decorative.

Stunning Swimming Pool Deck

stamped-concrete-pool-deckA pool deck is quite a crucial area because, aside from its exposure to outdoor weather, it also gets exposed to pool water, making it slippery and dangerous. However, make sure to choose patterns that do not involve deep grooves where water can accumulate or very pronounced textures that may hurt bare feet. Also, choose light colors to keep the deck from absorbing heat, making it painful underfoot.

Inspiring Indoor or Outdoor Kitchen

Whipping up a delicious meal can be more inspiring if you’re cooking in a kitchen that looks and functions well enough. Stamped kitchen floors, be it indoors or out, enhances the overall look of a kitchen, which is often quite messy when a meal is being prepared. The textured surface created by concrete stamps makes it less slippery. Also, its low maintenance feature can be taken advantage of in this part of your home. Some of the best patterns would be brick and wood.

Elegant Entryway

stamped-concrete-overlay-european-fan-patternMore than enhancing curb appeal, a stamped concrete overlay on your entryway makes your home distinct from other properties in the neighborhood. This will make your home stand out and help make it easier for first-time visitors to identify your home. Also, wouldn’t it be lovely coming home to a house that looks beautiful even before you reach the door?

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