Stamped Concrete for Endless Options

As people become more and more aware of the many advancements in concrete resurfacing technologies, many are looking to concrete stamping as a unique and beautiful alternative to traditional forms of renovation options. An impressive benefit for stamped concrete is the fact that this process is a very cost effective solution to an age old problem.

stamped patio overlay

As concrete surfaces begin to age and settle onto the ground below, cracks, chips and uneven patches begin to develop. With periods of rough weather and temperature fluctuations, the surface may become faded and lackluster. With continued use, stains, dirt and grime can result from oil spills on driveways or other normal wear and tear. Stamped overlying renovations can provide an easy and inexpensive method for repairing these imperfections.

The Concrete Stamping Process

Stamped concrete can take the shape of almost any pattern imaginable. Some of the more common stamped concrete designs include the look and appearance of brick, stone, tile, flagstone or even wood grain finishes. In comparison to demolishing and reinstalling an entirely new concrete surface, the process is relatively easy, inexpensive and quick for a professional concrete repair service to implement.

A stamp of the final design is chosen. The existing concrete is covered with a top coat of new, fresh concrete in which the stamp impression is them placed. By coating the stamp with an effective releasing agent, the concrete does not adhere to the stamp and the impression is imprinted cleanly, allowing for crisp and clear lines that have the look and appearance of the real thing!

Uses and Locations

The options for locations of where concrete stamping can be provided are as endless as the combination of colors and patterns that are available. It is a popular choice around pool decks and patios because its enhanced textured surfaces provide extra traction on slippery surfaces. This adds a tremendous safety factor for pool areas frequented by young children.

This cost effective solution for concrete renovation can be implemented on nearly any existing concrete surface. Patios, decks, and porches can utilize this type of overlay to enhance curb appeal, creating a new and exciting redesign that will enhance the architectural style of your home or business. Sidewalks and walkways can benefit from overlaying stamped coatings not only by enhancing the external aesthetics of your home or office, but by enhancing the safety factors of uneven surfaces for guests traveling on your property as well.

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