Keeping Stamped Concrete Cost at a Reasonable Level

Stamping concrete is one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate concrete and acquire a look that resembles wood, stone, brick, and other flooring materials. It is probably because of how it can be made to look like something else that gives people the impression that it is way expensive than it really is. But in reality driveway, walkway and stamped concrete patio cost less than the natural stones they mimic. However, you would be surprised at how highly recommended this comes and how cost-effective it is.

Stamped concrete driveway

How Much Does Stamped Concrete Cost?

There is no fixed stamped concrete cost for a whole project but here is a rough estimate of the stamped concrete prices today:

  • $8-$12 per square foot – This is for basic installation of decorative concrete, inclusive of only one color and a single basic pattern.
  • $12-$18 per square foot – This mid-range price can be applied for a more customized look, often involving two patterns or a border with a different color.
  • $18-or more per square foot – This is ideal for those who want a realistic natural stone look which involves hand-scored and hand-painted surfaces.

Budget-Friendly Stamped Concrete Tips

If you are planning on having your outdoor space enhanced for a more aesthetic look, it is but normal to ask “how much does stamped concrete cost per sq ft?” Not only does it give you an idea of how much you have to cut out from your finances, it also gives you something to discuss with stamped concrete contractors. If you want to lower the cost without compromising the visual enhancement you are aiming for, consider some of these tips:

Keep The Stamped Pattern Along The Border

Let’s say you want to make your driveway look more welcoming. You don’t have to have the whole area stamped. Instead, add a border, have it stamped, and then leave the rest flat and smooth. The textured border makes it look finished while providing some sort of break against the grass or other surrounding areas.

Go For A Single Color Pattern

It can be quite interesting to have multiple tones on your pool decks but, if you are saving hard-earned bucks, one color can go a long way. Just make sure that the color complements your home’s exterior and that it comes in a tone light enough to make it cool enough to step on during hot weather.

Have One Pattern Flow Throughout The Outdoor Area

Sure, it can be interesting to have several types of patterns but it can also be quite confusing to look at. If your driveway is connected to your patio, why not use the same pattern from your drive to the walkway, and all the way to the patio? Not only does it look consistent, it also gives guests the impression that they are all interconnected, thus, reducing confusion.

European fan stamped pattern in a residential driveway

Stamped Concrete Overlay

You may be confusing stamped concrete with stamped concrete overlay, which has the same look of stamped concrete but is done over existing concrete. An overlay mix is applied to the top of your old concrete then stamped with a design mat of your choice. Stamped concrete overlay almost always costs less than stamped concrete, but there are pros and cons to both and there are many factors that affect stamped concrete costs.

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