Stained Concrete, Redefining Business Space

Well we are here with Frank of St Louis home fires, in Baldwin.. Frank tell me what are we doing here, looks like we got a big mess going on.

Frank: well tell you what my friends from Decorative Concrete came out I called them about two weeks ago because I had an idea maybe Instead of replacing the carpet with more carpet, do something a little bit different on the BBQ side of our store and they came out I met with Lisa, gave me an idea of what we can do, gave me a very reasonable quote, but before I decided to do business I did get a couple of other quotes from other companies here in St louis, I decided on Decorative Concrete, number 1 the prices were very competitive, but number 2 the hands on attention that they gave me from the very beginning, the fact that they were a local company and when Lisa came out for the first time, you gave me a stance that you understand what I was trying to do and you wanted to help me accomplish that goal in my store.

From that point you came in told me sort of step by step by step what I was going to do so I knew how it was going to affect my business as for as the down time and things like that and from that point on I kind I left it to you guys the experts and trusted you guys from the beginning. So now we are at a stand point where the excitement is kind of building because we done all of the tough work.

The guys came in, we pulled the carpet one day, they spent all of yesterday grinding the floors, unbelievably hard work and today they are coming back to actually put the stain on the floor so we can see how the floor is going to be colored and I know tomorrow we are going to do the sealant on it. So I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes the perspective for our store and I’m just really excited about it.


Lisa: ok well thanks so much, we will stay tunes and we will come back and get some final thoughts once it’s all done.

Ok frank, well we are back and it looks like your floor has been finished. So tell us about how it went.

Frank: I tell you what guys, it’s been about a week and a half since I talked to you last, the floor has been done for about a week, and after some early apprehension when we were going through the different steps I can’t tell you how pleased I am. I literally have people come in everyday and tell me how amazing this side of the stores looks. We had people carry in food the other day, food was dropped and simply wipe in up now don’t have to worry about the carpet. One interesting thing is I still have stained concrete contractors calling me back from initial calls to reach them initially. So not only did Lisa and her crew did the job, put something together and make me happy, they did it before some of the other contractors even called me back for the first time. Can’t tell you how pleased, I would recommend these guys to anybody.

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