Stained Concrete Basement Testimonial: Mark, Affton, MO

A basement can be used for anything. When Mark decided to make it an extension of his living room, he knew it needed a better floor than the drab concrete one it has. Now, he is enjoying his new space in the basement even with its old concrete floor. Find out how concrete staining transformed his basement into a luxurious living space without replacing the old concrete floors it had.

Melanie: I’m here with Mark over Affton, Missouri. And we just recently completed a stained basement floor here in his residence. And Mark, could you tell us a little bit about what got you interested in getting your basement floor stained.

Mark: I just wanted to get it done and make a living space. And I wanted to double my living space by bringing my living room down here and also a dining area.

Melanie: Perfect. Very cool. What did you think of your experience with us andin your crew?

Mark: It was awesome. They showed up and they did a very clean job. They don’t leave any messes. They were quiet. I didn’t know they were home. So, they did a great job. They made my basement floor look really really nice.

Melanie: Very cool. Anything else you’d like to share to anybody that’s looking to get their basement floor donea nd looking to companies?

Mark: I highly recommend Decorative Resurfacing because they came out and give me a good quote. They suggest that I do a micro topping cause I have different types of concrete. And they came and tell me that by now by having a micro topping on my basement floor.

Melanie: Awesome. well, thank you so much Mar. We certainly appreciate having you have us do the work. I’m gonna pan and show the floor that us here, Decorative Concrete Resurfacing did for you.

stained concrete basement before and after

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