Decorative Concrete Resurfacing – Wins 2014 National Sundek Award – Stamped Concrete Overlay Patio

Lisa O’Hern talks about a stamped concrete overlay patio in Wildwood, MO that won a 2014 national Sundek award at the annual Sundek convention this past February. The awards are submitted by more than 50 Sundek dealers across the country every year. Click on the video below to hear about this particular project!

Video Transcription

This is one of the awards that we got in 2014 which means it would be a 2013 job, and it’s a concrete stamped overlay that we did in a hand-carved pattern. This job is located in Wildwood, Missouri, and it was a front porch of about an 80-year old farm home that was very plain.

The owners bought it, and they want to do an entire renovation on the house, and I got through with all the interiors and exteriors and we’re left with just a plain gray concrete porch, so they called us up and said, “What could we do to make that more appealing?” So I went out. I walked through the home so I can get an idea of what their tastes were, and their colors, and then we basically took the tile wood-look floor in the interior, and we took some of those color tones, and we pulled them out to the exterior on the front porch.

national sundek award stamped patio

So this is a hand-carved stone pattern that we did and the three colors that we used were dark gray, brown, and a tan color. So the first steps in installing this product were to take grinders and grind the top surface of the porch to rough it up, and then we took a power washer then cleaned it, and that was the first day’s worth of work. The second day we showed up, we masked and protected everything, so we had three foot of paper that would go up the house, and on all the columns, and that paper protects as we install the cementitious material.

stamped concrete patio wildwood

It’s mixed in buckets, and it’s a combination of super secret polymer—that if I told you, I’d have to kill you—plus some silica sand and some other products, Portland cement, and some other sweet sauce recipe items. We mixed all that up and it is gauge-raked in place.

So we set the gauge-rake for about half of an inch and its gauge-raked in place and then take a bull float, smooth up the top lines and the surface, let it sit up so long, and then we take and apply our stains to different stones that we will kind of lightly press into the material, and after that’s done, we take a carving tool and we’ll carve out the actual grout lines.

So you’ll see how amounts to and looks like: a real stone pattern, but it’s done using concrete overlay materials.

That will then dry up for another day. And we would come back then which would amount a Third Day. Clean it all up, and spray two coats of an acrylic sealer which seals everything up and protects the surface.

So this customer was very pleased when we were finished, and it’s a white sided house, so there wasn’t a lot colors on the exterior to begin with. So by bringing in the browns, and the charcoals, and the tans. We added a lot of color, and it turned out really nice.

So if you would like your concretes spiffed up, give Decorative Concrete Resurfacing a call because that’s what we specialize in. We make concrete beautiful!

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