St. Louis, MO Demographics

Total Population

1As of recent census, there is an estimated 315,685 people in the City of St. Louis, making it the most densely populated county in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and the 58th most populous in the country. This number, however, has already decreased from its 319,294 count last 2010.

Population Age and Sex

There is an estimated 150,000+ males and 160,000+ females comprising the city’s total population. Ages, in percentage, are estimated as follows:

  • 31% are 25 to 44
  • 25% are 45 to 64
  • 24% are 19 or younger
  • 11% are 65 or older
  • 9% are 20 to 24

The median age for males is 33 whereas that of females is 34 years old.

Racial Composition

Because of its location in the map, St. Louis has become an inland port that attracted settlers from various races. This is the reason why the racial composition is quite diverse.

  1. African American – 157,160 (around 49% of total population)
  2. Caucasian – 140,267 (around 43% of total population)
  3. Hispanic or Latino – 11,130 (around 3% of total population)
  4. Asian – 9,291 (around 2% of total population)
  5. American Indian – 838 (less than 1% of total population)
  6. Some Other Race – 4,102 (around 1% of total population)
  7. Two or More Races – 8325 (around 3% of total population)


There are around 142,057 occupied homes in the City of St. Louis, of which 67,488 are occupied by families. Other occupants are categorized and counted as follows:

Husband-wife family: 32,966
Other family: 34,522
Population of male led with no wife present: 7,031
Population female led with no husband present: 27,491
Population of Nonfamily homes: 74,569
Population living alone: 60,468
Population not living alone: 14,101

There are around 142,057 occupied homes in the city which have at least one occupant within the 18 year old and below range.

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