Picture-Perfect, Easy-to-Clean Patio In Missouri

Beautiful Patio St. LouisAn outdoor living space should be comfortable and versatile, and it should be useful for every season. The look and style must agree with personal tastes, and it should be an easy place to walk in wet or dry conditions. The patio installation by Decorative Concrete Resurfacing of St. Louis, MO had all of these and more. The acrylic coatings provide superior wear and stain resistance qualities that make the space easy to maintain, and one that will keep its fresh look for years to come.

It should meet the customer’s most demanding expectations. Like Mr. and Mrs. Massey of St. Charles, MO who converted a backyard area into a patio that extends their living space and comforts to the outdoors. The flecked aggregate finish had the look of a smooth interior floor. It was warm and inviting, and according to Mr. Massey was quite comfortable and cool for barefoot walking.

Mrs. Massey found it easy to match favorite colors and styles. She said the color combination was easy to blend, and the final result was very pleasing. Mrs. Massey took time to remember the workers who installed the patio; she recalled that they were courteous and did their jobs well, right down to the final cleanup. Their testimonial ended with an enthusiastic response to whether they would recommend Decorative Concrete Resurfacing to friends. However, it was plain to see that their enjoyment of their fabulous patio had just begun.

It is the mark of a comfortable outdoor space that one can decorate it easily, reflect personal style, and add one’s preferences. It must combine form and function. This delightful covered patio looked as comfortable as a living room.

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Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

April 8, 2020

Dear Valued Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Customer,

We realize you may have questions regarding your upcoming project with Decorative Concrete Resurfacing. While many of the US businesses are temporarily suspending or closing down, due to our business model we are fortunate to continue our work , while strictly adhering to the CDC guidelines. Our staff and crew s are able to abide by the social distancing and disinfecting policies , as we do our part to keep the economy moving. We realize not every business is fortunate enough to have the same privileges, we’re thankful for the ability to keep our team employed during this turbulent time. Customers like you play a vital role in the health of the economy and it’s ultimate return back to normal once w e get through this turbulent time.

If you have any questions regarding your project, please give our customer service center a call. Technology has gratefully given us the ability to work remote and service our customers at full capacity.

As always, w e will continue to keep the health of our customers and employees at the forefront of our decisions and we will continue to keep you informed if anything changes.


Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Team