Spring-ready Patio Ideas

Spring is right on your doorstep but is your concrete patio ready for the season? Although it would be easier to just let the patio be, regardless of the season, there are many benefits of making it appropriate for the weather. Besides, wouldn’t you want it to be comfortable enough for hanging out and entertaining guests for some lemonade? Here are cool ideas you could try out on your patio.

patio stamped concreteNatural-looking Patio

Nothing goes better with Spring than a natural stone or wood patio. However, not everyone has the time or money for such an update. But then you can have a stamped concrete patio instead. Whether it is concrete stamping on a newly poured concrete slab or applying a stamped concrete overlay, it can be designed to look like real stone or wood. It can even be stained by a decorative concrete contractor afterward for a more natural aesthetic.

gazebo curtainHang Outdoor Curtains

It can turn your patio into a gazebo-like outdoor space where you can relax and hang out. The curtains are great for shading and adding a tad bit of privacy. Choose curtains in light colors with bright, fun patterns to make the Spring ambiance more present.


patio lights

Install Patio Lights

As the weather gets warmer, it would be nice to hang out the patio even at night or the wee hours of the morning. Adding patio lights makes it safer and more comfortable. It can be wall sconces, lamps, or those installed on the ground.


comfy colorful patio chairsComfy Up Patio Chairs

Since you would be spending more time out on the patio, might as well make the furniture a lot more comfortable to use. Adding cushions and brightly colored pillows and throws can instantly make the patio area warmer and more inviting. If you don’t want any fabric items outdoors, there are waterproof materials, like synthetic leather or vinyl, that you could use to make the chairs softer to sit on.

patio flowersPut Pots of Flowering Plants

Nothing says Spring more than flowers. So put some flowering plants on and around the patio. You can use those that have not bloomed yet, too. Put it near the patio and watch them bloom as the Spring season pursues and the Summer starts to show up. Make sure that these pots are placed where it will not interfere with anything so as to make sure that the people are kept safe and the plants are kept out of harm’s way.

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