A Blue-Chip, “Incredible!” Residential Pool Deck In South County, MO

People who are looking for a fantastic way to enhance the look of their pool deck or any other type of concrete area on their property will discover that Sundek is an amazing coating that produces fantastic results. Loren Cornelius of South County, MO, recently gave an interview about the work that was done on his pool deck and front entryway. He had plenty to say about this unique cement coating.

St Louis Residential Pool Decks

As the interview began, Loren Cornelius stated that it had been 14 years since the Sundek coating was applied. He spoke in volumes about the beautiful color of the cement surface. Not only that, but he also highlighted a number of times about how the Sundek coating was cool to walk upon. As he said this, it is important to keep in mind that there are not many trees near his pool deck. It demonstrates how well the Sundek application works. A little time was spent on the pool deck of the neighbors next door. Their concrete looked dull and quite plain. However, his pool deck looked vibrant and had a nice quality to it. Although the surface was resealed twice, it did not need to be colored in at all. As he referred to the entryway, Loren Cornelius spoke of the highlighted brick look was also featured around the steps going to the pool deck.

Loren Cornelius called the Sundek team “Incredible!” He spoke of many compliments he has received on his pool deck, and he would recommend the Sundek services to anybody. Call us today for more inquiries!

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