Eco-friendly Stained Concrete St. Louis MO Solution

Are you tired of outdated, plain concrete surfaces that lack charm and contribute to environmental concerns? Are you seeking a transformative solution that not only revitalizes your space but also aligns with your eco-friendly values?

Remember the efficiency of wood staining? This technology is now applicable to concrete as well. Concrete staining, a straightforward yet widely embraced method, is used for refinishing concrete floors. Among the two types of stains, water-based concrete stain stands out. Unlike acid stains, it is a non-reactive material, ensuring no chemical reactions.

Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, lacking solvents or acidic ingredients. In fact, the application process for stained concrete in St. Louis, MO, doesn’t demand rinsing or neutralizing. It is applied, left to dry, and then sealed to perfection.

kitchen interior with a sleek counter table, featuring beautifully stained flooring

Why Choose Water Based Stain for Concrete?

Torn between acid and water-based? If you are undecided about which type to use, here are some important factors that make a water-based stained concrete floor stand out.

Easy Installation

Staining concrete floors with acid involves an etching process, requiring meticulous rinsing and neutralization. This, however, is not necessary in a water-based stain application, simplifying the overall procedure.

With a brush, roller, or sprayer, apply the stain without the need for masking the surroundings. Plus, no disposal of rinse water containing acidic residue is required.

Simply prepare the concrete surface, apply the stain – whether for outdoor or indoor spaces – leave it to dry, and it’s ready to seal. Don’t forget to use protective gloves during the application for added safety.

UV Resistance

Water-based stains are resistant to the sun’s UV rays. It won’t fade or discolor even after long repetitive exposure.


Because it contains a low amount of volatile organic compounds or VOC, it is safe to use around people, pets, and plants. This stain does not give off harmful vapors or unpleasant odors.

Full-Color Spectrum

More concrete stain colors are available to choose from for water-based than acid-based stains. All colors are vibrant on their own and ready to be mixed with other colors to produce an interesting multitude of colors. For those planning to incorporate a specific design, logo, or image on the floor, water-based stains are the best option because the colors are solid and consistent.

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Enhancing the value and beauty of a home involves adding color to concrete floors. While DIY concrete stain kits are accessible in local hardware stores, the most recommended approach is to have an experienced stained concrete contractor handle the project. At Decorative Concrete Resurfacing, we believe that the breathtaking and long-lasting results of stained floors stem from the proper installation of the stain. With our expertise, homeowners can sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience as we take care of all the dirty work. Call us now for a personalized estimate and bring new life to your surfaces.

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