Eco-friendly Stained Concrete St. Louis MO Solution

Remember how efficient it was to stain wood? That same technology is now available for concrete, too. Concrete staining is a simple yet highly popular method of refinishing concrete floors. Water-based concrete stain is one of the two types of stains. It is a non-reactive material, meaning it will not cause any chemical reaction as that of an acid stain.

It is friendlier to the environment because it does not contain a solvent or any acidic ingredient. In fact, the stained concrete St. Louis MO application process does not require rinsing or neutralizing. It is simply applied, let dry, and then sealed to perfection.

Why Choose Water Based Stain for Concrete?

Torn between acid and water-based? If you are undecided about which type to use, here are some important factors that make a water-based stained concrete floor stand out:

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Easy Installation

Staining concrete floors with acid requires a rinsing and neutralization process, both of which are not required in a water-based stain application. Also, there is no need to mask surroundings and to dispose of rinse water that contains acidic residue. Simply prepare the concrete surface, apply the stain, leave it to dry, and it is ready to seal.

UV Resistance

Water-based stains are resistant to the sun’s UV rays. It won’t fade or discolor even after long repetitive exposure.


Because it contains a low amount of volatile organic compounds or VOC, it is safe to use around people, pets, and plants. This stain does not give off harmful vapors or unpleasant odors.

Full-Color Spectrum

More concrete stain colors are available to choose from for water-based than acid-based stains. All colors are vibrant on their own and ready to be mixed with other colors to produce an interesting multitude of colors. For those planning to incorporate a specific design, logo, or image on the floor, water-based stains are the best option because the colors are solid and consistent.

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Adding color to concrete floors can enhance the value of a home. Although DIY concrete stain kits are available in the local hardware, it is highly recommended to have a stained concrete contractor expert do it. We at Decorative Concrete Resurfacing believe that breathtaking and long-lasting stained floors result from a properly installed stain. So just sit back and relax, let us do all the dirty work for you. Call us now.