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A St. Louis home isn’t complete without a patio. A concrete patio is a popular option in St. Louis MO. It is an extension of the living space inside, providing a comfortable space for family and friends to gather or to hang out and get a breath of fresh air. Aside from the affordable cost of concrete, its durability and versatility are unmatched. Of course, it can get weathered and cracked as time goes by. But before tearing that concrete slab out for something new, consider decorative concrete coatings on patios first.

Gray colored stamped concrete patio with four chairs and center table

The Perks of Concrete Patios St Louis Resurfacing

Removing and replacing a concrete patio or pool deck is expensive and time-consuming. Concrete repair and resurfacing in St. Louis are more practical solutions. What makes these better than a re-pour?

1. Aesthetics

There are a lot of decorative concrete designs to choose from. Decorative coatings and overlays for concrete patios are highly customizable. A St. Louis MO stamped concrete patio can be designed in several ways, depending on what pattern best suits the exterior of a house.

Stains come in acid and water-based types. They come in standard and custom colors but can be customized further by mixing and matching different colors. Once resurfaced, the patio would look like a completely new surface.

2. Texture 

Resurfacing is a concrete repair method that creates a texture that makes the surface safe against slips and falls.

3. Cost 

Compared to a new patio installation, resurfacing an existing slab is more affordable because the foundation does not need to be changed. Also, concrete overlay acquires the exact look of expensive paving materials at a fraction of the cost. It is highly recommended to get a quote from a licensed St. Louis residential and commercial concrete contractor.

Highly Recommended Concrete Resurfacing Options

The evolution of outdoor living designs from past to present is quite impressive. There are decorative solutions that can provide whatever it is that a St. Louis homeowner wants.

Stamped Overlay 

The stamped overlay is one of the most popular. It offers a variety of patterns and designs to the concrete floors, some mimicking brick, natural stone, and tile. This should not be confused with concrete stamping, which is done on a new slab instead of on an overlay.

Stained Concrete 

Staining a St. Louis patio is also an ideal option. If the patio is structurally sound, the mere addition of color will breathe new life into it. And this involves not just any color. Concrete stains are deep-penetrating so you can rest assured that the color is rich, will not fade, and definitely will not crack and peel.

Stained concrete patio combination with stamped

Spray Knockdown Finish 

It is an acrylic concrete coating sprayed and troweled on a slab, creating a stucco-like texture and appearance. This spray down concrete system makes every concrete surface highly slip-resistant, cool to the feet, and very durable.

Spray knockdown texture patio with chairs and table

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The St Louis concrete patios will always be the ultimate place in a residential and commercial space for outdoor enjoyment. Is yours looking too drab and dreary? Worry not. Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in St. Louis is here to make it look like a new patio and function better than it has ever before. We are a family-owned business with an A+ BBB rating. Our team of professional installers is highly trained and experienced in resurfacing and refinishing any concrete, be it a residential or a family-owned commercial space. Anything can be achieved here – your imagination is the only limit. Why delay your concrete driveways, patio, parking lot, pool deck, or any outdoor living project? Call concrete patio St Louis contractors now to learn more about our residential and commercial concrete services!

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