What is The Best Method to Revive a Worn-out Concrete Floor in Your Home’s Interior?

One way to revive a worn-out concrete floor is to sand it down and reseal it. Your residential concrete St Louis and resurfacing experts have the gears and years of experience to do that for you perfectly.

You can learn more from our previous blog on how to make concrete floors look new again using popular concrete services. You will know the best method for a heavily worn-out floor this time. One of the most heavy-duty concrete repair methods is slab jacking.

The degree of damage of a concrete slab may go from minor to large cracks to uneven and sinking slabs. These could all occur both indoors and outdoors.

So if the floor is highly damaged, you may need to replace it entirely. This blog will teach you the best way to revive worn decorative concrete floors.

Types of Residential Concrete Work

Refrain from fret when you see the slab dwindling. Decorative concrete professionals use various methods. Each residential concrete work would depend on where the damaged concrete is found.

Outdoor Concrete

Crack in concrete foundation

1. Filling Cracks With Epoxy

When cracks on the existing concrete floor are bearable, an epoxy filler will suffice.

2. Finishing With Silicate Coating

A home garage would also be one of the heavily worn spaces. You can use silicate coating or a clear coat to refinish a residential epoxy concrete floor.

Interior Concrete

Polished concrete floor dining room interior

Indoors, concrete would also begin to crack. However, these would be more minor. You could need a concrete repair on your living room extensions and transition floors, and as a concrete step, you have a large villa.

1. Concrete Polishing for Worn-out Surfaces

Interior floors would often look stained and dusty. Instead of the glassy flooring surface, now it might look old, cloudy, and rough. You can use a simple polishing method. 

You can also use it for outdoor spaces ad patios, and driveways with a worn-out look on their surfaces. This type of concrete has been ground down to reveal a smooth, shiny surface. It is a popular choice for residential concrete floors because it is durable and easy to maintain.

2. Staining With Polished

Your residential polished concrete can also be stained or tinted to create a unique look. A stained floor is another way to revive worn-out concrete. You can use highlights of concrete dyes or coloring to make a vintage, rustic look on the floor.

Polishing the stained concrete floor would create a fresh look on what used to be a worn-out floor. 

Slab Jacking for Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks

So what is slab jacking? It is usually used for driveway and walkway repair for both residential and commercial spaces.

The process is done by lifting loose concrete. A contractor would use a unique mechanism to lift the chunk of concrete and fit it right back into its place.

Surface of concrete driveway with crack

Can You Use Slabjacking on Your Interiors?

What if there were slabs inside the home that went sinking? Can you use slab jacking, or is there a cost-efficient method, like resurfacing, to fix it?

Will it be effective? All these are essential questions that will be answered next.

Slab Lifting in Your Home

If loose slabs need lifting inside your home, you can use slab jacking for them. But you need to call the top concrete contractors in your area to do an excellent job.

There is a particular way of slab lifting from interior cracks. The pros would use a poly-lifting process and must follow various steps to lift a heavy chunk of concrete. 

An ordinary homeowner cannot do this, so you need to call for their help to repair heavily worn flooring inside the homes. 

The concrete contractors would perform the task without having to damage the entire flooring further. 

It is also essential that experts take on this, and they can do the job without any hassle to your household. 

It would also minimize the noise from doing construction.

Turning a Space Into a New Interior: Foundation Repair

Now you might wonder when you will need slab jacking in your homes. If you have the plan to turn an old outdoor space into a new interior, then you are a candidate for this service. It is crucial to have first a foundation repair.

Large cracks that are almost crumbling exist on old worn outdoor spaces. Before you make it into an extension of your living room, fix the slabs first. 

You could polish it afterwards to have it look like new.

If you have an old, worn-out residential concrete floor, don’t despair! Several ways to revive it include sanding, sealing, and resurfacing. By taking the time to revitalize your residential concrete St Louis, you can add beauty and value that last for years.

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