Residential Pool Deck Resurfacing At Its Best

Lisa: We are here with Charley Vogt today and talking a little bit about his resurfacing pool deck project.

Lisa: So Charley tells me a little bit about how you like the final product.

Charley Vogt: Fantastic it turned out awesome, and again I’m not into advertising or promoting any company and obviously, you wouldn’t be advertising if you knew I wasn’t happy but they turned out fantastic and we are huge fans of you guys.

Lisa: Awesome thank you.

Charley Vogt: We have done a lot of homework of our own. There are a couple of families that put in some really nice pools not that I’m an expert on the different services but one of the things that we found in our research that we learned was that the Sundek product not only is a better-looking product but the maintenance on the Sundek was much better than everything we learned about the pool deck and in that, if something was to go wrong it’s easier to repair, it’s a harder surface and so overall we found that it holds up a lot better than the pool deck. As you can tell it makes a huge difference and we were putting a big pool with a huge surface and it’s made a huge difference so I’m so glad that we went this route.

Lisa: So we had a little trouble picking colors at first, but were you happy with the final color?

Charley Vogt: Well we had family that came over yesterday that was looking at the pool and they were asking the same thing because you know originally we were looking at the darker colors just because we were trying to give a little bit more contrast, you talked us into the lighter color, I’m glad that we went with the lighter color because one, now we have all the layering from our perspective based on sculpting and the different things that we have, you got the different layering and obviously the lighter colors provide a cooler.

Lisa: So your kids are going to be more comfortable

Charley Vogt: Yeah so it’s awesome so it turned out awesome.

Lisa: And when the guys were here they worked hard?

Charley Vogt: Oh and your guys were done in a day and a half from start to finish and I mean this is 3500 square ft of surface so it was impressive.

Lisa: So would you recommend us to your friends?

Charley Vogt: Oh we have been

Lisa: Awesome, well thank you so much

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