5 Reasons to Leave Concrete Staining to the Pros

Yes, there are a lot of resources on the internet about DIY concrete staining. No, doing it on your own isn’t always the best option. You’re completely free to choose which route you’re going to take when it comes to stained concrete. It’s not an impossible project after all, albeit challenging. However, you at least have to know why there are professionals who are hired to do the job. Here are 5 reasons why concrete staining is best left to the pros.

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The Right Equipment

No project can begin without the right equipment. When it comes to concrete staining, you need more than just a couple of tools. Materials can be quite expensive so you can’t afford to purchase the wrong ones. Stained concrete is not a trial-and-error project that you can assemble and disassemble any time.

Proficient Expertise

It takes years of experience for professionals to learn and master the techniques of stained concrete. Without the proficiency to execute this unforgiving project, a lot can go wrong. The effects and colors might not turn out right. When done incorrectly, it may not last as long as it should as well.

Preparation is Key

Preparing concrete surfaces for staining isn’t merely doing some cleaning. This will prove challenging to the untrained. Thorough surface preparation affects the end results of your project. Keep in mind that concrete stain has a different effect from the paint. It is not as opaque, so any debris left on the existing floor will be seen through the stain.

Customizing Colors

Color customization can be quite limited to the inexperienced. The color of the stain itself won’t be the same as what the color will actually be when applied. Especially when it comes to acid stains. There are certain factors that affect the color and effect of reactive stains such as:

  • The color of Existing Cement
  • Cement to Admixture Ratio
  • Porosity
  • Temperature
  • Concrete Imperfections

Final Touches

After the concrete staining process, two coats of sealer is usually applied to optimize its durability. Sealers come in different formulations and level gloss finishes. To make sure that the outcome of the stain is the same as the one you envisioned, this has to be done faultlessly.


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