Sundek Classic Texture

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Sundek Acrylic Cement Coating

Sundek acrylic cement coating is a concrete spray coating that has been seen overlaying concrete since 1970.  This product is the most commonly installed product with regard to decorative concrete coating. It can be applied to a variety of things such as pool concrete decks, patios, driveways, front entries, and concrete retaining walls. The Sundek acrylic cement coating offers endless effects. Combine the Sundek Classic texture with the Sundek masonry effects, SunStamp, SunStone, or Tuscan and you can have a one-of-a-kind installation. Variations in color are limitless. However, the classic texture is the most widely acclaimed of all the texture options since it is fit for the economy, durable, and as strong as your concrete.

Benefits of Sundek Classic Texture

The benefits of adding acrylic concrete coating include the fact that it provides a slip-resistant coating for added safety protection to your cement. It makes walking easier because the surface is cooler than normal concrete when the lighter color tones are chosen. The application and care for the acrylic cement coating are easy with unlimited designs to meet your creativity and style. Classic Texture can be used for residential concrete settings as well as commercial settings, placed on entryways, walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, or any other interior or exterior areas.

Classic Knockdown Texture Spray Installation

Sundek is installed in a multilayer fashion.  Once the concrete has been prepared properly by grinding and/or power washing with a 4000 PSI pressure washer, the next step is to mask the surrounding areas adjacent to the concrete that is being resurfaced. 

Our motto is “We only install the Sundek where you paid for it to be…not on the house, fence, expansion joints, or shrubs.”  Any surface pits or cracks are serviced prior to the first coat.  Individual installations determine whether a primer is used prior to the first cementitious coat of material, referred to as the “base coat”.  The base coat is similar to a lady’s foundation in make-up.  It coats the surface and hides all of the surfaces and crack repairs. 

The base coat gives the perfect finish for installing the texture coat. The texture coat provides a beautiful, slip-resistant finish that also aids in providing “air pockets” for a reduction in surface temperature.  The last step is to spray on the acrylic finish coat which gives the surface its final color and seals the layered system.  Once the job is complete, it can be walked on the next day.

While the initial idea for this decorative concrete was to reformulate the remodeling process. It was to provide a finishing coat that would be easily repaired and easily cleaned but still allowed the concrete beneath to breathe. Acrylic concrete coating encompasses innovative technology which can be installed on both new and old concrete. The chemistry behind this cutting-edge floor coating is full of untapped possibilities which will continue to make future innovations in the concrete and cement markets.

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