Preparing Your Concrete Driveways for the Winter Season

concrete driveway installer st louis moWhen winter is approaching, people know that it’s that time of the year again when hot cocoa, warm fluffy sweaters, and fireplaces start to trend again. Unlike people who get to stay protected from the chilly weather in the comfort of their own homes, driveway concrete remains outdoors, exposed to snow and ice. If not prepped for the season, concrete driveway St. Louis MO could get damaged enough way beyond concrete driveway repair. Here are tips to help home and business owners in protecting their driveways from winter damage.

Keep the Concrete Driveway Clean

Cleaning the driveway regularly even before the winter season helps you see if there are minor cracks or holes on it. Catching damage like these early prevents the need for complex and expensive repairs. If caught early, a concrete driveway resurfacing service can be done instead of a complete concrete driveway installation, which costs more and takes longer to complete. Also, clearing the driveway of debris keeps the path free from anything that could cause holes or pits on the surface when driven on.

Apply a Concrete Driveway Sealer

garage flooring ideas st louis m oIf your driveway has not been sealed yet, it should be now. The sealer provides a layer of protection against abrasion, sun exposure, as well as snow and ice. Snow or ice would not be able to penetrate concrete, which is known to be very porous. This way, water would not be able to break down concrete underneath and cause cracks and disintegration. Sealers must be reapplied every 1 to 3 years to keep the surface protected.

Check Drainage Systems

Make sure that your driveway is even enough to prevent any puddles forming in the middle. If not sure about this, get in touch with credible concrete driveway contractors who can check this for you. Water that pools on the driveway during winter could solidify into ice and increase the risk of danger for anyone walking or driving on it.

Use Sand for Better Concrete Driveway Traction

The most common thing people do to keep driveways from becoming slippery is applying deicing salts on it. It may keep ice from forming but it could induce an expensive concrete driveway cost for repairs. Why? Deicing salts can cause damage to concrete. If you want an alternative to improving traction on a driveway, apply sand on it instead. This aggregate provides an affordable cost for concrete driveway traction without damaging the concrete surface.

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