Popular 3D Epoxy Designs For Floors

Like murals painted on walls, choosing 3D epoxy flooring St Louis as concrete covering options will now make your floors a piece of attraction in your properties. 

Today’s blog will show you how. Here to inspire you to wring out your creative juices for 3D art are popular epoxy flooring designs to make you go three-dimensional.

Here is a list of the popular 3D floors you can create with epoxy.

  1. Under The Sea
  2. Geometrical Designs
  3. Mural
  4. Night Sky
  5. Floral

Making Murals on the Floors: Popular 3D Epoxy Flooring Themes

Epoxy 3D has been around the postmodern era. They are created by printing images using digital technology. Images are printed in a grid and applied to the flooring as the base design. Epoxy is then added to the picture to solidify the visuals on the floors. 

Here are your options if you want to create artistic 3D epoxy floors in your concrete house.

1. Under The Sea

Are you a lover of the sea? Hoping you could continuously swim the oceans even when you are sleeping? 

Under the sea, 3D images would pop up on your bedroom floor with oceanic images. You can mix colored epoxy that bears the tones of blue, sea green, and aquamarine.

2. Geometrical Designs

Have you been to a museum of optical illusions? You would see realistic images of people or animals, even real-life-sized insects popping out the walls, and that is a 3D illusion. 

How about the floors? The floorings have their effects too. Have you gotten ticked by floors that seem to dissolve on the surface? Or how about a vortex-like floor that appears to move downwards that makes you avoid stepping on them. 

All of that is possible with 3D epoxy. 

The same steps follow. The key to an effective 3D illusion on the floors is properly measuring the flooring area size and laying it out with the image of your desire. 

To make sure and to have precise measurements, it is highly recommended that you hire an expert installer of epoxy flooring.

3. Flooring Murals

Check out chalk artist David Zinn or Manfred Stader, a famous street floor/graffiti artist. They make images come to life up for the floor to your imagination. 

You take inspiration from the mural-like images these guys create on the floors. 

Your approach to creating floor murals is geared towards more customizations. Here, have your creativity flow without limits. The sky is the limit. They say so be it and make them fill the entire flooring space.

4. Night Sky 

The galaxies, the moon, and stars are now within your reach, and you can touch them as close as the ground. 3D epoxy floors will make it happen for you, and there is no magic involved, only an expert installation of epoxy.

There are various approaches to creating galactic images and patterns using multiple epoxy colors. The starry night sky will appear on the floors utilizing the drip and roll method.

5. Floral Floors

Do you now want to bring inside your interiors the Winds or Gardens? The rose-filled concrete floor outdoors will now spring up in your indoors using 3D imaging and epoxy floor coatings. 

Floral floors are popular in retail areas and other commercial spaces. The nature scenery, being in a calm and fresh vibe even if you are enclosed in a four-cornered room. 

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