2022 Fad Outdoor Paint Palette For Concrete Patios

Moving on to 2022, this year opens up new opportunities to embrace new things to come. 

In the world of design and housing improvement, color companies are introducing trends and perspectives to be hopeful for. 

Adapting the latest color themes that you can use to transform the look of your St Louis Concrete Patios

Orange-beige toned patio furniture

2022 is the year of innovation and embracing transformation. Let this outlook transpire in your homes’ foundations as the floorings. Today’s list gives you an outdoor paint palette trending this 2022.

Five paint companies known worldwide had announced their color themes for 2022. 

See which one you can adapt for your outdoors and choose a theme and paint to uplift the look of the exterior concrete floors.

Dulux Color Palette 2022: Serene Outdoor Spaces For Self-Care

Green shade patio

Olive Spring takes place as Dulux 2022 color of the year

It translates the relaxing and soothing characteristics of the aloe vera plant. According to Dulux, the color gives a brightening effect to one’s mood.

The Olive Sprig blends well to the entire set of palettes that Dulux provided. The tones, ranging from warm colors such as red and yellow to neutrals as gray and earth colors, offer subdued pigments. 

The entire palette offers sublime contrasts of colors that are not too dark, too pale, or too bright. The tints are just enough to soothe the eyes and give serene visuals, perfect for the patios. 

Sublime colors make the outdoor floors blend smoothly with the outdoor setting without putting too many tints on the gray concrete patios. Dulux gives us a preview of colors you can expect to turn up around anyone’s property. 

This international paint company would focus on checking out their 2022 palette to inspire your patio redesign. 

Benjamin-Moore 2022 Color Palette

Fern color themed patio

Next up, you got one of the best paint companies specializing in paint and exterior stains, Benjamin-Moore paint company.

“October Mist 1495” is the company’s color of the year for 2022. This subtle shade of grayish-green also transpires a delicate sense of serenity. 

What Benjamin-Moore wants to offer is a sense of peace and calm. They chose October Mist as their 2022 color palette star to combine warmth amid cool and neutral colors. 

The grayish-green is a perfect tone that creates that contrast and having that tone of color in your patio floors is on point. As the color name suggests, the shade of gray blend in muted green would remind you of the forest and the mists. 

Your patio floors will give a sense of warmth that playfully mixes on the cold gray concrete. 

Pantone’s Veri Peri

Violet tone themed patio

Pantone is the digital world’s most popular color trendsetter. So this list will not be complete without mentioning their pick for color of the year. 

While our first two paint companies would give a subtle shade of green, Pantone takes the opposite route. Introducing Veri peri as Pantone’s color of the year, the color company would like to introduce the idea of innovation and embracing change.

While a shade of periwinkle is a tricky color to include in the outdoors, what you may take away from this is its message of transformation and exploration, trying out new things that you have not done before. 

Think of Veri Peri as shades to accent your ordinary patios. If you are thinking of adding surprise, these colors will help you feel out of the box of conventional patio designs.

Here are a few things you can apply to spruce up the patio floors with periwinkle.

  • Add outdoor rugs with subdued purple shades
  • Use pastel-colored purple pillows to include in your outdoor soft or coach
  • Set up a mini garden beside the patios with purple leaves or periwinkle petals of flowers
  • Combine the periwinkle color to the plant pots around your patios

Other Fad Color Palette

It is also noteworthy to mention top paint companies in the US, Sherwin Williams Paint and Coatings. 

They introduce the Evergreen Fog as the color opening of the year 2022, and it is a subtle gray-green shade that also perfectly coincides with the patio floors. And the last one is Farrow and Ball. They create a palette for 2022 that reminds everyone of the bright and familiar colors. 

Check out their stone blue and babouche paint colors. While these are used for interior settings, what you can do is call your local decorative concrete contractor to custom-made flooring pigment or coatings to add them to your outdoor concrete like the patio floors. 

With so many pallet options available to you, you may be unsure of which color to choose. Here is a simple guide on how to choose the right paint for your home.

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