New Garage Flooring in Just 8 Hours!

When you see your garage flooring with a worn-out look and a bit of damage, don’t you just wish you could have a brand new one right now? 

Well, it is not as quick as that but Decorative Concrete Resurfacing was able to install a garage floor coating for a home in Ellisville, MO. George, the owner, is also impressed by how fast the job was done. 

He is happy to know that the quality of the installation was not compromised at all. It is important to note, however, that not all installations can be completed in just a day. 

There are several factors that could influence duration, like weather, repairs, surface preparation, and more.

Melanie: Hi there! I’m here with George in Ellisville, Missouri. And we just recently installed his garage floor. And George, I’d love to ask you, what did you think of your crew and us doing the work for you?

George: Absolutely outstanding. Not one complaint. They were here by 8 o’clock, they were gone by 4. They cleaned up. A superior product and they had attention to detail and their work ethic was absolutely outstanding.

Melanie: Oh, that’s fabulous, George. And my most important question, would you recommend us to your friends and family?

George: Just tell them to call me 24 hours a day, absolutely positive.

Melanie: Thank you so much, George! We appreciate you having us do the work for you. I’m gonna go ahead and pan and show your floor.

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