Newly Improved Floor Boosts Restaurant Appeal

before pirrones flooringPirrone’s Pizza is one of the well-known homegrown pizza joints in Florissant, St. Louis in Missouri. Although there have been good reviews on food and service, the interior definitely needed enhancement, especially the flooring. The existing carpet had food and drinks spilled on it and it was quite difficult to remove anything stuck to it. This doubled cleaning time for the employees. So they chose to have a custom chip blend with a multi-colored mix of all natural mica chips on a polyurea polyaspartic floor coating material.

The challenge with this project, like most commercial types, is that there is the deadline. The restaurant can only be closed for three days. The floor work needs to be completed on the second day because the third day is dedicated for other renovations, such as wall painting, mop board replacement, and more. Another challenge is the existing floor had a dark gray carpet on it. The crew needed to take the carpet and glue out. The glue was really tough and stubborn so grinding the floor took longer than expected.

after pirrones flooringWe had a crew of six members arrive on location at around 9 PM on the evening of November 27th, which was a Sunday. They removed the carpet and glue and ground the 1, 650 square foot floor to prepare it for the coating. This took overnight to complete and the restaurant owner was kind enough to provide some pizza for our crew who worked late night until the next morning to complete most of the work. The crew went home at 9 AM the next morning and came back at 2 PM to proceed with the work. We used Sundek’s SunOne Poly 100 which is a fast-drying floor coating system. This is appropriate because the floor needs to be completely cured in just a day and it needs to be odor-free as dining customers will be back on the fourth day. All natural mica chips were also broadcasted onto the flooring to give it that granite and terrazzo look. The project was completed by 7 PM.

The restaurant owner and employees of Pirrone’s Pizza are very pleased with the new floor. The chips on the floor help disguise dirt compared to the carpet they once had which was very difficult to clean and maintain. The floor was smooth enough to make it easy to clean but had a slip-resistant surface, making it a safer floor to walk on, even when the waiters and waitresses forget to wear their grip shoes to work. The project went pretty well despite the short period of time available to complete it. The crew, despite their lack of sleep, have worked really hard and quite efficiently.

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