It’s More Than Just a Garage Floor Coating


Garage floors are one of the most common areas in your residential property that gets the most out of all kinds of traffic. And while most decorative concrete contractors focus on the garage floor coatings market only, Decorative Concrete Resurfacing offers more than just that. We have the most versatile concrete floor coating systems that are available to everyone who’s in for making their floors look great and stylish!

A lot of contractors utilize all the benefits that the polyurea polyaspartic coating offers. Due to its fast cure rate, improved chemical and abrasion resistance, flexibility, UV stability, and spectacular gloss preservation, the additional benefits of this concrete coating is also found in the ease of application (and maintenance) and a wide selection of installation situations (including temperature and environment)

While the color flake systems have been around for years now, a garage coating can now be installed in just a day! After being in the decorative concrete industry for over 30 years, Decorative Concrete Resurfacing aims to provide customers with a user-friendly and dependable concrete coating system that can be installed with consistency and a definite guarantee of your investment paying off for years to come. Polyurea polyaspartic garage floor coatings are not only durable but also highly versatile. With our Sundek SunOne, the same polyurea polyaspartic is used as the primary coat, the body coat, and the final clear sealing coat–making it the simplest yet most practical garage floor application for your residential property. SunOne is used as a flooring system for the garage, driveway, and patio, and can also be commercially used for restaurants, warehouses, schools, and office spaces.

The same procedures for our polyurea polyaspartic systems are used to install a quartz broadcast system. Quartz is a material that’s highly durable and very incredibly attractive. When tough and durable concrete coatings are needed, the quartz application is another easily applied decorative concrete coating option. Polyurea polyaspartics are great sealers for stained concrete and other decorative overlays.

These sealers are used over old, faded stamped concrete surfaces to rejuvenate and bring new life to the original concrete underneath. While acrylic sealers provide a great-looking surface when it is installed, they will eventually wear and lose their luster. Polyurea polyaspartic sealers wear longer and retain gloss.

Using two coats of a clear polyurea polyaspartic sealer provides you with an incredible shine and offers a look that’s been achieved on inexpensive and high-class surfaces like hotels and mansions.

Our systems at Decorative Concrete Resurfacing, are all tremendously effective and versatile, especially our polyurea polyaspartic coatings. Contact us for an efficient application for your garage floor. However easy it may be to apply, it still requires intense precision and measurement. Our installers are well-trained, and we could altogether pave the way for a concrete surface that would make royalties tear out their own marble floors.

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